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How do i relocate two feral kittens?

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Hi there....

I'm wondering how i can relocate two feral kittens about 6 months each... ?
I have a fantastic location to move them too... there are two other cats here but they are not the agressive type and they have all been fixed.
This way they will be in a safer environment and close to source of food (me)...

How do i do this so that they don't freak out and get lost?

They currently live in a woodyard which is going to converted into a restaurant within a few months.... The yard is about 500m down from our house... There is a 8ft wall that goes all the way down from the garden so even if they do run out of the garden they will wind up where they used to be.... i just want to make sure that they dont run out... and get lost....
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The villas go all the way around in a U shape as shown
At the bottom left you can see the woodyard
this is where they are now
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This is the front of the building and the woodyard is off to the left of it
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If they exit the garden this is the driveway that will take them to the front where the woodyard is....
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More Garden

And More Garden
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Zazi - Take a look at the Alley Cat Allies website: www.alleycat.org

You can find information there about relocating feral cats. Relocation is tricky, and not to be done unless absolutely necessary. It sounds necessary in your situation. Make sure you read through the relocation steps carefully. You have to follow it exactly if there's going to be a chance for successful relocation.

Do the cats already living in the garden have shelters? All the cats will need small shelters if you haven't already provided them. If you've got shelters for the kittens at the woodyard, bring them to the new location. It will help to have something familiar there for them.

Are you positive that this is a safe place for all the cats? It looks beautiful, but be certain that the management and other residents are ok with the cats being there.

Best of luck with this - so glad you're taking care of these cats & kittens!
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I just went to the allycat site and read the article... it doesn't really give that much detailed info as to how to do it... But since these cats have always been within a few feet of humans they are used to people... just not used to being handled.

The management here doesn't exist Most of the residents keep in door cats and it's very unlikely anyone will complain.

As for shelter, there is none but that's only because we live in a fairly temperate climate where there is no rain, just lots of sun. Summer is over... And during the summer there are lots of places for the cats to hide that are nice and cool....

Winter here is fairly cool but nothing serious. You can walk around in a light sweater and be ok at night.

Having said that i do have plans to introduce some upside down flower pots with entrances for them to shelter in this winter.
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I have relocated ferals at my house. You can pm me for advice.

I adopted two feral brothers, and one female who's kittens were adopted out through my foster agency. The brothers are so wild that looking out the window at them scares them, and the female wouldn't come closer than about 10 feet. All pretty feral, despite living in homes for a time.

I had cages set up in my polebarn for about a month, to give the cats the idea that this is home. After letting them go, they continued to live here, and eat here.

I see a problem with your plan in the existing cats. No matter how nice they are, they are likely to see the newcomers as a threat, and run them off. Maybe you can try feeding all the cats near each other, so they can learn to be part of one colony. And since the new cats are young and will be neutered, that should help, too.

Just remember that sometimes even inside cats never learn to accept the "new kids". That could happen with your cats, too. When I adopted ferals, I didn't have any cats outside. Since then, Will, my avatar boy, has adopted me. And he tries to guard the food from the adopted ferals, and another tomcat who has joined us. You have to remember that even if your area is very civilized, to the cats it is the wild. They feel the need to establish and protect their territory. Maybe feliway would help?
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good points.
I will try and set it up so that the old resident cats eat directly bnext to the cages where i will house them for the while...
will also get some feliway....
the resident cat, the alpha male... he's quite genial. and the female that he hangs out with is just his "gullible side kick" i hope we don't have too many issues. i'm counting on them being younger and not threatetning to get us through it easily.
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