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Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. This is the first time I have logged on and I have already found out a lot of information. I am owned by two boys, Familiar and Trouble. They are litter mate tabbies and have a lot of fun making sure they keep me on my toes. They like to eat, sleep, and wander around high places they should not be in. Thus is the life of one of the cat people. I would not have it any other way. They brighten my day and make the times when I am doing homework seem like more of a challenge to see what will happen to the book I should be reading. They feel that if I am spending that much time concentrating on something then it should really be them and not something with words on it.
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I moved your post to the forum for our brand new members

What cute names your kitties have!
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Hi there!! Welcome to this site!!! I also have a bunch of "book hater" cats... (and "sewing haters" and "knitting haters" and "cooking haters" etc etc!!! hahaha.... if it takes attention away from them... they hate it!!)

Make yourself at home here - its a great place!! Hope to see you posting often!
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My babies hate us reading the newspaper but are good with books. Book time is curl up on mommies lap and purr time. What
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Hi there! Nice to have you onboard!
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