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aggressive kitten

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i have a 3 month old kitten who i got 1 month ago. since we got him, hes been getting more and more aggressive. at first he would just put his teeth on you, you wouldn't even feel it. now its escalated to where he'll bite and pull. he's yet to make me bleed, but its getting worse and hes ripping my skin a little and now it actually hurts.

hes not always like this, though. he calms down and he'll sleep on my chest and never ever wants to be alone (when i close the door to my room he'll start crying).

how can i make him less rough?

he eats wet food, dry food, and has a little watered down milk everyday (vet he wasn't drinking enough so we had to do this, even though it makes him gassy) and he is not yet neutered.
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What are you doing when he bits you? Nothing or do you say Aj, NO, Dont?
To Growl a little and hiss a little is still better!
His kitten siblings usually learn each other this. But a kitten perhaps alone in the litter doesnt have anyone to learn him...

My own cats did also played with biting, but always careful... So to play with biting is natural - but they must of course know the boundaries...
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Give this link a look it helps explain why your kitten is doing what and how to fix it!!

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Remember he'll be teething as well poor thing, and he'll be crying because he's only a baby and wants company

Play with him with the fishing rod type toys and these will stop him biting and will also will tire him out.
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