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LuLu is gone...

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I'm so sad... We tried feeding the little guy with bottles, droppers, syringe but I guess it didn't help. He was loosing weight over the last 2 days.

Last night, I helped him latch on to momma nipple and kept my hand there as a barrier so the other kittens couldn't muscle their way in. He was so much smaller that the others, he would get pushed away and then take forever to find another nipple. He would suckle a bit then stop, either too weak or asleep so I'd nudge him or stroke him and he'd start suckling again. That's how I left him last night at midnight, cuddled up with him momma.

Sometime in the early morning, LuLu passed away. He was one week old today.

He will get a proper burial today in our yard beside our hamster Critter.

Godspeed little one...

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I am so sorry for your loss of little dear LuLu. You did all you could to save him.

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Oh Julie mate, I'm so sorry. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be.
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poor little guy, but he is in a good place now.
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RIP little angel
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Condolences on the loss of baby Lulu. I, too, know the pain of losing a precious baby, of holding a tiny body that appears so perfect, but does not get the chance to grow up.

I am so sorry for this loss. Rest in peace, little baby, up in heaven over the Rainbow Bridge. Now you will never be too weak or tired, you will be strong and well, chasing butterflies!
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Oh poor little guy. I`m sorry.
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I'm really sorry happened to me as well when I fostered a mom and kittens. The vet was kind enough to offer to bury the little one for me.

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LuLu is buried in our garden now. My husband and daughter buried her today (I'm at work and couldn't be there). She is in a lovely, colorful Care Bear jelly candy box lined with the softest fluff. All nice and warm - for ever...

I'm going to have my daughter paint a tiny stone to mark where he lies.

To be honest with you all, I'm taking this much harder than I thought I would. I had pretty much accepted the fact that he wasn't going to make it when he started loosing weight and refusing the bottle. I understand some kittens don't thrive due to FKS or other problems and knew it would happen sooner or later when you foster kittens. But I'm just so darn sad for the little guy...
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RIP sweet will have all the milk you can drink..over the bridge...
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Julie, I'm so sorry for your loss. Out of respect for baby LuLu and your immense grief, I'll move this to the Crossing the Bridge forum.
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Awww, that poor little one..RIP LuLu
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Julie i'm so sorry sweetie You did your very best for the poor baby, but he'll be ok now over the bridge because all the older kitties will be there waiting for him to look after him

RIP Lulu Know that you were loved so much
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Julie, I am so sorry about LuLu. I just read this thread, after answering to an early thread you posted. LuLu is in the Rainbow Bridge, where he'll be happier and stronger. You did your best to help him and I admire you for being such a good mommy!
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I am so sorry. You tried your best. It just was not meant to be.
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I am sorry to hear about Lulu. RIP sweet baby.
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Poor Lulu.
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Rest in Peace little one.
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RIP sweet Lulu.
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