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Clipping nails

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Clipping Alcott's nails is an ongoing battle. He sits very still for a moment, then lashes out and tries to leap away. It makes it *very* difficult, especially to get the soft paws on. I've tried giving him treats afterwards, but it doesn't seem to help- any suggestions?
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One of mine is difficult as well, but if I wrap her snugly in a towel (up to her chin!) and take out one paw at a time, she is pretty good about it. I think she gives up when I get her all bundled up, LOL. If she gets too squirmy, I let her down and give her a treat, then bundle her up and go at it again. I can do it pretty quickly this way.
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i admire anyone who can clip a cats nails! i take my cats to the vets where the vet tech does their nails.
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I've tried the towel- it works alright, but the thing is the sudden dash to get away. I mean, he'll be perfectly still, silent, I'll be clipping or about to clip and suddenly he dashes and its so alarming that he get away with it.
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I think in terms of clipping nails, it's best to start early and get your cat accustomed to it. Handle your cats paws often and get him/her accustomed to having their paws and nails handled. I clip my cat's nails weekly now and he is quite accomodating when it's clipping time too. Helps to give him a little treat afterwards too.
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It also helps to just do one or two at a time, and stop well before he gets upset about it, then give treats & pets.

If he won't even let you do that, you may need to go back & start from the beginning - just handle his paw a moment, and if he tolerates that then just touch his paw with the clippers without actually clipping, then give treats & pets. Then gradually work up to where he'll allow you to do a claw or two at a time, but always try to stop before he gets agitated, so he doesn't feel like he needs to start fidgeting.
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I very rarely let a cat get the better of me when it comes to cutting claws, and I have only had 2 cats where I have had to resort to wrapping them in towels. I used to hold them under one arm and quickly snip them all, but have now resorted to pinning them between my knees like i would if I was giving them a tablet. Have to be resourceful when you live on your own!!!
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Two of ours are difficult its definatly a two person job. The towel suggestion is always a good one.
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I hold Sash and my boyfriend clips his claws. I doubt I could do it myself. Sash will sometimes get a bit squirmy and we will just keep talking softly to him and that usually helps. Of course he gets a little reward (some food) when were done.
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I just wait til they're asleep! I can usually get one paw done before they even notice, and then you just wait until they drop off again before doing the second
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Why do we clip cats nails? I'm not sure. We clip a nail here or there if it looks like it's hanging up on something. With our two new kittens one has had his nails clipped by the breeder several weeks after we got the first kitten. The one with the nails jets out of the corner and spirals up the cat tree. The clipped nail version tries the same manuver and slips off the pole into the wall. I have seen this cat fall clumsilly to the floor many times. I gotta wonder if the cats like their nails sharp.
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Lucas is impossible, so this is the only thing that works for me (I had posted this on another discussion about this).

I put him on my bed under the sheets and comforter with just his head and front paws sticking out, lie on top of him (without crushing him of course) and get to work. He tries to move and can't at all, so now he just gives in.

I got a scar from an unsuccessful attempt after wrapping him on a towel, he could get out from that as his back paws go right to work!
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I have had pretty good luck wrapping my cat in a towel to clip his nails. He hates it, but he likes to pounce on my feet at night, and those nails are like needles. Also, with our pugs, the cat must use the soft claws, as we can not have him scratching their eyes! They have enough eye problems as it is, without the cat scratching them.
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I always wait until my boys are asleep beofre I even try to cilp their nails. Thay attack the nail clippers if I do it while they are awake. I can usually get all their nails pretty quick if they are really tired.
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My girls are pretty good about nail clipping although none of them like it much. I have to get Tigger first because if she sees the clippers she runs and hides. Sparkles is funny - she doesn't fight until I get to the LAST nail !!!! Go figure !

Forget the dogs .. they'll bite your arm off if you even LOOK at their nails ....
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