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My new cat and kids,,,,

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I saved a stray cat that found me while we were camping, he was real sick and starved, he still is having troubles but doing good for being almost dead when I brought him home, anyway he is real mellow and loves attention but tonite my wifes sister was here and they have a little girl who tried to pet him and he acted like he saw a ghost and took off and hid under the bed till she was gone. Can I assume that where ever he came from he was treated rough by a kid or kids? I have never seen him act like that before. Tom
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It may be so, but lots of cats are wary of kids, because of the way they move - in little short fast spurts, and the cats see it as a danger. Also kids do not always know how to pet a cat properly and encourage its aggressive side, with tears all round.
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My two hate kids!

They've never been treat badly by them because i've had them from the age of 6 weeks, but if ever my friend brings her son round who's 7 years old they both run up to their room and stay there until he's gone.
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Mne hate kids too. Alfie hides under the bed (but then he hides from anyone!) and Max will keep an eye from a safe distance.
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Cats who didnt met kids as kitten (ie friendly kids) but only grown ups are often cautious against kids. Even domestic cats.
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Your lucky he is just doing it to kids, my cat has started this with everyone that comes into the house. And my grandkids have come every weekend since I got her and she is even doing it with them...I'm stumped, I wish she would just run away and hide but she attacks
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Kids can be scarey.
He may, or may not have had a bad experience with kids, more likely though, it is because kids can move fast and unpredictably, and they try to force themselves onpets.
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