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Searching for advice...

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My Girlfriend has a month(or) month & 1/2 kittin that has goopy eyes. Sometimes when the kitten wakes up, they will be encrusted, and unable to open them. I can only send the cat to a vet if in dire need, for money is tight, yet i am very worried about the kittins health. It appears that the eyes are producing excessive amounts of tears, what could this possibly mean? I appreciate any help anyone may offer. Blessed be.
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the kitten needs to see a vet- kitty colds often affect the eyes but only a vet can tell you what is wrong and how to treat it.
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my cat had the same symptoms with excessive tears/goop and he has a uri (upper respiratory infection- which is extremely contagious and common, especially if you got your cat from a shelter). this is generally caused by a virus that you can't really do much about, but you can get antibiotics to prevent any secondary infections from occurring. Also, you can get antibiotic eyedrops to assist in clearing up any really bad eye problems. You can't really do anything for the virus, but you need to have a uri cat on antibiotics to prevent any bacterial infections from occurring.
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No one but a qualified vet can tell you with absolute certainty why your cat's eyes are this way. Some Persians are this way due to bad sinus cavity problems and constant draining- but again, a vet would be the best and the safest call.

Many of us find ourselves in that spot in life when vet bills seem out of reach, but there is always a way. It may mean we have to sacrifice something we love for awhile, but there is always a way to at least get the cat in to be seen and evaluated.
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Only a vet can diagnose something like that. It isn't uncommon for a kitten to have those symptoms which usually lead to an upper respiratory infection, or similar things going on. I would take the kitten to the vet asap. The sooner you take the kiten in, the sooner things can be treated. If you wait for it to get worse, the visit will cost more. I would call local vets and compare exam fees, and go from there. The sooner you can get this taken care of the cheaper it will be. And the better off the kitten will be. You can also get the kitten's boosters done, at least for the distemper, you'd have to wait for rabies and leukemia/aids I think. At least rabies since they have to be at least 12 weeks.
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Rowdy if you are near Albany I can recommend my vet - he does work payments- just PM me
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