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Stupid monthy sadness!

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Its driving me nuts! last night i was feeling sick while i was out shopping with joel and his parents. Me and joel had planned to go to dinner where we would just sit and relax. But then i thought his parents were coming too. he was trying to get me to decide if i still wanted to go or not, and i didnt want to tell him i didnt want to with his parents. (not that i dont like them i just wante to relax and i get nervouse around parents) So i nearly started crying as we were walking out of the mall! and it was all a misunderstanding too! his parents werent going to go with us at all anyways. oooy vey!

and then tonight my dads painting me new room and i went down there and a bug landed in fresh paint and couldnt get off. I went and grapped a toothpick, slid it under the bug and lifted it off. But the poor thing got stuck to the tooth pick, i tried to blow it off but it couldnt leave. then ANOTHER bug got stuck and my dad took the toothpick and tried to blow the first bug off, but it still wouldnt go. So he flicked the tooth pick and the bug came off but 2 of its legs didnt. and now im almost crying because that poor bug must be in sooooo much pain! i always make pwople put bug out of their misery if they get hurt but i dont know where the bug is!

so my 2 questions... do any of you ladies gets this over emotional drring your "time"... and do bugs feel pain?
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I just get bitchy and really nasty. not to emotional. I'd suggest Midol to help get rid of those feelings. It helps trust me. Otherwise once a month I'd have to take a week off because I'd NEVER be able to work in my restaurant because I'd blow on everyone and everything. Hubby is EXTRA nice that week. smart man!
I don't know if bugs feel pain though sorry.
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I used to, but the BC put a stop to that. It works wonders around that time of the month. Midol is also a good idea, like Barb said! It's got enough caffeine to kill a horse, but it'll make you feel perky.

I don't think bugs feel pain. Well, I don't know for sure, but they're bugs...their nervous systems aren't as organized as ours.
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Take 2 Midol and wash it down with half a bottle of Vodka. I dont know if the Midol actually works... but Vodka cures everything...

Okay, I am just joking, dont do that.
BC, Caffeine, Heating Pads, and Chocolate work for me.

I dont know if bugs feel pain. I have no mercy towards bugs... I dont care if it hurts or not, when I stop screaming... it is dying...
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Get some chocolate!!
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As quoted by Jugen
I just get bitchy and really nasty. not to emotional.
I hear ya Sista Before I had my surgries everyone for a block away would know to leave me alone at that time My Ex-hubby used to run to Momma's house during that time cause I was a complete witch.Of course he lost those matches
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My ex boyfriend used to have his calendar at work marked so he knew when to tread softly
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i glad i dont suffer with that prob anymore got some brilliant meds that stop the lot,no more monthlys yaaaaaaaaa also no more PMT so charlies VERY happy
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chocolate, bunch of salty foods and SLEEP!!

i get bi*chy and drowsy too
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Oh you poor thing! I can't stand stand knowing something might be in pain, even if it is a bug! It wasnt your fault, and you shouldnt dwell on it, the little fella has probably been eaten by now.
I agree with everyone else - get some chocolate, a heat pack, a blanket and stake out a comfortable spot on the sofa with a good movie.

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I get very emotional too. If anything in my life goes wrong around that time, I can get close to depression. Not much fun.
Just hang in there. Cry if you have to and be sure to spoil yourself a little.

As for the bug, I wouldn't worry. They have a very simple nervous system and I don't think they even have a brain. They feel something, but it's nowhere near the kind of distress that a human or a complex animal would feel. Best thing to do still would be to kill injured bugs just in case (it'll die soon anyways so it might as well die quickly)
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I have to ask you all to forgive me...but I am laughing (at your expense!) This thread has me about rolling on the floor. Thanks for the laugh...what a way to start this new day. Some of these comments ought to be on "Comedy Central" What a hoot!
Of course I went through menopause several years ago (THAT was a riot too!) so I don`t have the PMS and . problems anymore....although I still get the chocolate cravings!!!
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PS about the bugs....I like bugs...always have (not spiders) and don`t like to see anything suffer either...but I also have heard that they do not feel pain in the same way the people and animals do....none the less...if i saw one that was apparently in distress I`d put it out of it`s misery. SPLAT!
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I wish I only cried....I am really irritated and almost agressive. But strangely nothing irritates me but my bf at that time. The very fact that he is breathing and is alive is driving me nuts.

But maybe talk to you doctor. One of my friends experienced something like this for years. BCP didn't help her and finally she went to the make the long story short after a while she was diagnosed with PMDD. She got medication, and is much better now.
I am not saying that you have that too, but it might be worth talking to your doc
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
so my 2 questions... do any of you ladies gets this over emotional drring your "time"... and do bugs feel pain?
My "time" isn't too bad ... I don't get bitchy or anything, though I do seem to be more apt to cry over things I would normally dismiss as stupid, like a Kleenex commercial. EDIT: If I am feeling crampy, I do tend to get a bit snappish if someone's bothering me, but I think it's a reaction similar to one I would have if I had a headache any other time and someone was bugging me.

As to insects feeling pain—I don't think so. If you look at the chart here, you will see that they lack both a central nervous system and nociceptors, or pain receptors.
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I usually don't notice a difference emotionally, guess I'm lucky that way!
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I'm into the hot flashes (I call them power surges) and night sweats and I don't know which is worse.
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I usually get hit pretty hard during my period. I get emotional & depressed, like "everybody hates me, I'll just go eat some worms". I get angry & upset at nothing. I get cramps, & walk around feeling like I have a spiked softball in my belly. I've never tried Midol, but will have to keep it in mind, if it helps with the mood swings. What really stinks is I'm down to a 21 day cycle now. Oh, joy.
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Since I have been on the pill I haven't suffered emotional problems, like I normally do - but I am quite a sensitive person and do cry a lot as it is!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I'm into the hot flashes (I call them power surges) and night sweats and I don't know which is worse.
I'm there too and it really sux!!!
Not so much the night stuff, but I will be sweating profusely at strange times when no one else is even warm.
No one warned me about this part!
Thankfully I am unemployed at the moment and dont have to be in public too much to be embarrassed by it.
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I seem to get quite grumpy. I get pretty emotional, but not in a sad way. Mostly it's my temper - somehow or other just the smallest things set me off. I'm suffering it right now actually, but there you go. At least there's no-one home to have to suffer my PMS as well as me!! I fear I turn into my own worst nightmare at this time of the month. I actually seem to get quite manipulative as well, which really does worry me - that's not me - that's an overdose of hormones I think......
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