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For those of you who do not show in CFA or belong to the list I would like to forward a post. Before you read this I want to give a preface. This person contacted a breeder asking for females to breed. The breeder responded with some questions. The origional post to the list was stating they wanted to make a business out of selling cats, so they could stay home and not work. Those of you that breed know breeding will not make you a profit and may lose money. This is the post:

"Dear Pam

Thanks for your concern, but like I said I have done a lot of research. I have already got with USDA about the regulations and requirments. I have already got with the state on their requirements. I will be a legal USDA and state approved catterie. My standards, and the way I feel about animals, and what I have seen so far is much higher than anything that USDA,state,and the catteries I have seen to this point have. I have already spent thousands of dollars setting this up so it would be right before I purchased any cats. for example USDA requires 9 cu. ft. cage with rest area up off floor of cage per cat. My cages are 64 cu. ft. with rest area up off floor, jungle gym,scratch poles and plenty of room to run and jump per cat. I hope to have 50 breeding females when it is complete.

thanks for your concern"

Could you imagine 250 kittens?!? Add on top of that the cost of vaccinating, worming, and 300+ cats with diarehha or URI. This person has been misinformed on the reason for breeding, if anyone wants to know this breeders name email me and I will send it to you privatly, I would really hate for this person to have 50 breeding girls.
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OMG. My mom has been breeding "quality" OSHs and Siamese for 40 years. Her cattery is also very big but the most she has ever had for breeding has been 40-45 females and males and her males are in hugh floor to ceiling cages with climbing cat trees, etc. She is also licensed by her state. I really hope that this woman doesn't do it. If possible, can you privately let me know who the breeder is that she contacted. Thanks.

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