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something seriously wrong with my cat

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some one please help me. something is wrong with my cat. he is 1 1/2 years old. He has alwas been really healthy. All of a suddenly he was lying on the floor one morning looking as if he was hyperventalating. he looks as if he is in pain and not all that responcave. he is cold on his ears and paws. doesnt want to eat or drink. when i brought him to the vet he put up a fight so they couldnt get enough blood from him for all of the tests. all i know is he doesnt have lukemia. and he doesnt have a urin blockage. I love him and dont want him to die. I am so confused can anybody help me?
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Is there an animal clinic, or another vet in your area, you could take him to for a second evaluation? Did your vet offer to keep him there for observation?
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Is he still at the vet? They can sedate him a bit to get blood from him if you okay it.
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I am sorry I dont have an answer as to whats wrong with your baby but I URGE you to get a second opinion asap. I hope he pulls through, ChiChi and I are praying for you both and sending lots of get well {{{vibes}}} your way.

I agree with Hissy, they can sedate him and evaluate him much better.
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yes there is another vet in town but we had a bad exsperance there. My cat stayed over night at the vet. He is really aggressive when he is there. he is scared and doesnt want them to touch him. He doesnt have anyclaws but they still get freaked from him. I had an xray dont just incase he didnt have a broken bone. We dont have any rat poison around but they thought that he might have eatin a mouse which had eatin it. He has been taking vit k. I dont think these are hte problem. I think he will die very soon,
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I would most definitely keep working with a vet to figure this out.
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i called the vet this morning to let her know there was no improvement. she said well its good that its not worse so it will be ok. Now I have to wait till monday. i dont think he will make it
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asthma is rare but can be cause of his breathing problems.
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oh the poor bub. I hope he improves.
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Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope he pulls through.
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just went back to the vet he now has irregular heart beat. has anybody ever heard of what happens when a cat eats chocolate?
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Yes, chocolate can be very toxic to cats...I hope the vet is able to be of some help to your kitty..we used to have a cat that was very aggressive at the vet as well and we gave him permission to sedate him..made it easier for both vet and kitty.

I wish you the best of luck!
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Did your cat get into chocolate? The semi- sweet is the worst, but the other stuff depending on what type of chocolate can also do great harm to cats

Also wanted to add that if you cat got into a mouse that swallowed poison, part of the treatment for that is Vitamin K, so if your cat is already on a vitamin K program, that is a positive side to this type of poison.
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Sending lots of get well vibes to your poor baby.
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