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Purrsonality test

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purrsonality test....go to below website and give it a whirl.

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Too funny!

Each of my 5 cats fit under different categories.

All 5 categories listed are covered by my babies.
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Blackie and Sparky had almost exactly opposite scores, but came up with the same total!

Fred came out very low, but perhaps that's because he hasn't been here long enough for me to have a good sense of his personality yet.
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Fun test. Opie is, definitely, a "Placid Pussy". If he gets any MORE laid-back, he will be comatose. Perhaps, when we get him a kitten, he will get more active. As long as they're not vicious or destructive, though, I let my cats be themselves and do pretty much as they please. They're going to do that, anyway.
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Snowball's category is Clever Cat.
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About a week ago I found another one of these cat personality tests online. I thought it would be fun to see how Snowball did even though it wouldn't be accurate. This other test had questions in different groupings: visual skills, socialization, domestication, and a couple of others. It was long, there were about 80 questions and you couldn't skip any. I did the whole thing only to get Snowball rated as not being very bright, but still loveable. So I have to say I liked this little test a lot better!!!!
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:LOL: Sophie's a borderline Clever Cat/Frantic Feline; I'm hoping the Frantic half is just a growing phase!
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Hmmm my 4.5 yr old Noelle is clearly a Frantic Feline- I guess I should have guessed that. Vinka, my Maine Coon, is Magnificent Mog and it says that Maine Coons are a typical example of this category...
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Hey my two both ended up with the Placid Pussycat.......rather spot on - and they both are Persian is that just a coincidence?
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