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new cat problems

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My newly adopted "street" cat is quite aggressive to our older more mellow cat. The old one has given up. We are worried about this new ball of energy and keep them apart except when we can closely supervise. We are concerned for their safety especially for the pacifist! This is far from ideal and is in fact stressful on everyone involved. The younger cat also bites us, more so when the older one is around. We need help.... Thanks, Franklin
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Hi Franklin,

How old is the new cat? Sounds like a young one... Is he neutered? I assume the older cat is.

When you bring a new cat home, it's only natural to have some hissing and growling. Cats are territorial and feel intimidated when they meet new cats. Usually, with time and patience they become used to each other.

You should introduce them gradually and let them get to know each other in stages. Eventually, some social hierarchy is bound to form - that's the way cats are. Very possibly, the new cat may become the dominant, but that’s okay. You should let them sort out the hierarchy by themselves.

Never shout at them when they're together and definitely never punish them. Try to make them associate each other with positive things. Play with them and pet them a lot when they're together and give them a treat.

As for the younger cat biting you - this could be related to his young age. Kittens love to play roughly with each other and may try to do the same when they play with us. In a couple of days, I'll publish an article in this site about cat aggression. Maybe you could use some of the tips and techniques.

I'll post here when it's online. Of course, the best way to know about any new articles is to join the newsletter mailing list by sending an email to:


I'm so glad you took a stray cat into your home - they need love and care too!
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Merlin (2 1/2 months old) loves to bite me...but never hard, even though sometimes it does hurt. But he is so playful, and his little eyes are so bright and alert when he attacks my hand...lol. I think that is normal for kittens. (The worst thing is when I have my socks off....my feet are not safe!!!....LOL)
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Check out the new article about cat aggression:


and see if you can find your kitten's aggression pattern there.

How are they getting along this week?
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HI Franklin,

Just to let you know that we are currently going through the same ordeal here. We have 2 four month old girls and 1 6week old baby girl and it has only been a few days but they have all been hissing and fighting this time but on a better note I have noticed that it has slightly reduced. I think in time with your case as well as ours it will all boil over! Good Luck!
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Merlin is now 3 1/2 - 4 months old....I loose track, but thats close, and he is still biting...it has gotten worse in the past month. He thinks he is just playing, so I can't be mad at him...but I have bites and scratches all over my hands and arms...and lately he has taken to climbing up my legs, when I am doing dishes or anytime I am just standing still....and since I wear sweat pants around the house, his little claws go right through them, and now my poor legs look like a war zone...I hope he outgrows this soon!!!!!!!!
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I can feel everyones pain!! I have permanent scars from kittenhood. My best advice I think is over the years I have found that if you re direct their energy over time, they get the hint. For the biting, I give them a cat nip filled pillow and for the climbing, I would always detach them from me and take them to the cat tree. Now whenever they get frisky, I can hear the cat tree banging around as they are climbing to the top of it. Thank goodness for carpet trees and catnip!! It is amazing that although it creates pain, it still manages to bring a smile to your face when you think about what a baby kitty is!!

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Someone told me that catnip seems to make their cats even more hyperactive!!! Is this usually the case, as I certainly don't want to make him more hyper!!
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Yes, sometimes it can give then a little boost of energy. Mostly I find though that it only lasts for a short period of time. Then they mellow out and will roll around and stretch. I usually give the little catnip pillows because then their energy is focused on chewing the pillow. It is very helpful having more than one cat, they tend to play together and I avoid getting my feet attacked.
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Okay, Thanks for the information, I may have to try that.
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What is the deal with cats and leather?? Mine scrated my new leather coat last night!! I am very upset. Also, can anyone recommend a good leather repair person in the DC area?? Thanks.
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I guess it makes a lovely tear noise

It's a lesson for us all - keep leather items away from cats!
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We recently lost our 3 1/2 y/o male to a rare heart condition. He was very close to his sister, who we still have. After he died, she went into major depression...so we got a 1 y/o neutered shelter cat. We introduced them slowly and it seemed to be going ok.

But, he is now attacking her and fighting with her all of the time. She can't even walk across the house without looking over her shoulder, waiting to be attacked. They have not really injured each other yet, just fur flying. The new cat can be very loving, but he gets uncontrollably wild. It is torturing our mellow female and we feel guilty. We've had him for about 2 1/2 months, but we're not seeing any progress...

We put him on "time outs" in the bathroom when we catch him attacking her, but that does not really seem to help. Maybe the squirt gun???

How is it going for you? Any new ideas?
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Jennifer have you read these threads:



You might find some helpful tips. 2.5 months is not that long. It took my cats almost half a year to become tolerant of each other but they're real good friends now.
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