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Beautiful day=Beautiful pictures

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I just love to take pictures of my babies enjoying a beautiful sunny day. They just love the warm sunlight.

Kai and Tai

Tai, Caesar and Kai



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What beautiful pictures!!!!
And even more beautiful than the pictures..... THOSE FURRLESS BABIES you have there!!!!

I just LOVE them to pieces and I have never even met them!!!
I really enjoying seeing their pictures.
Thanks so much!!!

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Ya know I was looking at the pics again and though I just love all of your furrless babies.... there is always something about Monte that just draws me to him!!
He always has this peaceful look to him.
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Lovely pictures.
Your kitties are so cute...their little wrinkles are just adorable!!
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Those are great!, that last picture of Tai is priceless
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Great photos! They really look like they enjoyed their day!
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Years ago I had a cat called Tai. You're the only other person I've come across who had a cat with the same name. I'm sure there are others somewhere, but I havn't seen them. Cool name! Interesting breed you have there!
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I think Monte is my favourite!
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I LOVE the first picture looks like they are sharing a secret!!!
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Monte looks so cozy! He seems to have a good personality (kittyality I guess is what it should be called. )
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They are handsome boys! Thank you for sharing their fun in the sun!
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Thank you everyone for all the kind words. We love them all so much. They bring so much happiness. I feel so blessed that we found this breed (my husband has a horrible time around pet hair, sneezing exct..). I could not imagine life without cats! I grew up with cats (with hair LOL) and life is not the same without them in your life!
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What gorgeous pictures!! They are all just adorable naked kitties. I especially love that first pic of Kai and Tai, too too cute!!
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Monte looks like such a little dude!! Aren't they gorgeous?

They look a lot like Siamese, don't they, with the shape of their heads and bodies?

Is there any kind of distant relationship?
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Awwww that first one was just a heart melter!
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I'm in love with some hairless babies Great pictures.....More
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A few more from yesterday!!

"Is it morning yet?"
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I absolutely adore your little ones . Thanks for sharing---your pics are always such a treat.
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Kai is sooo cute Love the last Picture
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They photograph so well! What great pictures!
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What beautiful pictures! I just love the picture of Tai and Kai kissing, so cute!
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i love seeing pictures of your babies!!!!

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Awwwwwwwww, your babies look sooooooooo happy!
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I'm about to change my screen name to Luvyoursphynx. Seeing your babies is always the highlight of my day- they are all so stunning!
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All of your pictures are just wonderful, all your babies are just stunning!!
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Awwwwwwwwww! I love the first picture in the first post!!! My gosh, that is cute!
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