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Black Feces

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One of my kittens is pooping black, and I'm wondering if its bad?
They eat Nutro Max Kitten canned wet food and as a snack I give them the same brand dry food (mixed with a little water).
Also I saw one of their poop was diarrhea-ish and was light brown.
My mom said it could be the KMR (I stopped feeding them KMR about a week ago, so I dont know).
On the KMR their poop was dark brown and all but this poop is darker, kind of black.
Also, one of em poops regularly (atleast 3 times a day) where the other one I rarely see poop.
We are probably going to get both or one of them to the vet this weekday, maybe on Wednesday.
So is this bad? Should I worry?
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dunno, but if they bleed high up, stomach and so, the poop is black. red if further down in the intestines.

The black may be of different reasons, for example extra "steel"-sorry lack word - chemical sign Fe, may give black faeces. EDIT the word is Iron.
But blood from stomach IS one of those.

Watch out. If the kitten plays as usual etc - take it easy and wait to see. But if you see more symtpoms - consult vet immediately - telephon first if you want. (not all people afford to rush to vet with everything...)
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If the feces is black and tarry also called melena....this could be an indication of bleeding in the GI tract.....

If this is a constant thing you will want to bring your kit to the vet as soon as possible.....

good luck...i hope your kit feel better
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But the thing is they're fine. They play alot and all.
The only one im kind of worried about is the one that barely poops.
He goes in the litterbox, digs, sits there, and gets out.
He pees but doesnt poop. What could that be?
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sometimes very young cats cant eliminate without the help of th mother cat....she sometimes has to lick the abdomen, and around the butt to stimulate it.........
if this is a case you will have to stimulate them yourself, by rubbing the belly after they eat.......

but my first advice would still be to go to the vet....make sure the one whose feces is black is not bleeding in the GI tract...and make sure the cat who is not pooping isnt just in need of a little help.....

good luck....best wishes to your kits
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I dont think its the mother-elimination thing. They're about like 6-7 weeks now.
If one of them can use the litter box unsupervised on his own, then im sure the other one is on the same level.
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Originally Posted by Zoggy
I dont think its the mother-elimination thing. They're about like 6-7 weeks now.
If one of them can use the litter box unsupervised on his own, then im sure the other one is on the same level.

like children cats mature differently...and 6-7 weeks isnt all that old.....

but if you feel its not that...then there is something possibly wrong with your kit, and the kit needs to see a vet...ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Its acting normal though, it doesnt meow in pain or anything, it barely even meows.
It plays alot, runs around, sleeps.
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Then why are you asking a question about your cats health if you don't think anythings wrong......

if you have failed to mention that you are a vet...who knows everything about cats...then maybe you shouldnt be posting bunk threads on here, and as a result bumping threads from people who are not vets, and dont know what wrong with there cats........

Your cat not being able to poop.....or your other cat bleeding from his GI tract....will result in the deaths of your kittens....and these are not happy sunshine deaths either......

Please you obviously suspected that something may be wrong......follow your intuition and take him to the vet...........the best thing that happens is that your kits are fine, and you paid a little money for piece of mind.......along with doing the responsible thing as a cat owner.........

but if you plan not to do what you can for your kits...then please do not clog up the threads with "i want to know whats wrong but dont want to do anything about it" threads....

hate to be harsh....but i hate seeing cats die because of thier owners inaction during a kits time of need..........

well wishes to you and you kits
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Ok, ok.

I am taking them to the vet, most likely this Wednesday.
Im just saying they look fine because maybe kittens with bleeding intestines will be lethargic or do something unusual, and if thats the case then they are ok. Im just saying what I see, and asking what I would see if something were wrong.
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sorry i yelled.........

i just care a lot about cats...and i would hate for you to go through the loss of a sweet kit............

i'm glad your bringing it to a vet..........

please keep us updated, and plese do not take my aggresive post as me being mean...i only get overzealous at time because i care......

sorry again...please keep us updated....

good luck
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Okay, well I dont know if this is considered good news but half an hour ago one of em went poo-poo and it was brown. Not dark brown, not light brown. Just brown.
Then a few minutes ago after I got out of the shower I saw another poo-poo, it was wet, but it was also brown.
Also, one of em just threw up, but I know why. He couldn't digest the hard food I gave him as a snack. He threw it up in undigested bits.
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Keep a close eye on both kittens. You'll still need to add warm water to the dry food so the throwing up doesn't happen. If they can't tolerate the dry food, feed just canned food until they're a bit older.

Black feces indicates that there's a problem. It may be as simple as the kitten ate something dark that it shouldn't have such as a bug or, as others have said, it could be a sign of a much more serious problem. And, as always, a trip to the vet is advisable if you're worried.
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When she threw up the dry food it came out in bits
She could have choked on it!
I wont feed the dry food for another month or two.
Oh um and what should I ask the vet when I see him?
Is there a list of things I can ask him/her?
What to check for, etc.
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Did both of them their poops? or the one who did before?
Good the poop is normalbrown now.

You can still try to use the mother-licking reflex; why not? they should do it themselves but if they need help? They are still young and need some extra care older kittens perhaps dont need so much..

A bit of cotton or a cloth wet with warm water. Rub the tummy(stomach) and the behind, to stimulate.

Good you keep in touch with a vet. Very useful especielly if he/she also gives telephon-advices.

By the way. Do you give them something containing much iron (Fe)? Irons gives black pooh - AND hard stomach. - This said not being a veterinarian but from my own experience... *smile*
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I dont think so.

I give them Max Kitten food.

Anyway, their poop is normal I guess. Sometimes its black, sometimes brown, sometimes dark brown.
I guess its since I was messing with their diet this week and last week.
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Originally Posted by Zoggy
I dont think so.

I give them Max Kitten food.

Anyway, their poop is normal I guess. Sometimes its black, sometimes brown, sometimes dark brown.
I guess its since I was messing with their diet this week and last week.

here is a great page on kitten care, scroll almost to the very end- under the section on urine and feces there is a great "color and consistency" chart that tells you what sort of poops need immediate attention and which could wait but should not be ignored, and which are normal. you really do not want to be *guessing* what might be wrong, but rather asking their vet, ok?


black stool is never normal, if it is truly black and tarry like- i have a cat who has IBD and sometimes her stool will be that way, and she must see the vet immediately to be treated with medications. i do not know if kittens can get IBD but there are a whole host of things that, if they happen to a kitten, are MUCH more serious than if it were an adult cat.
i am glad you are taking them to the vet.

good luck
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Yes, I read that, thats why I'm concerned in the first place.
But I guess we'll see in a couple of days when I take em to the vet.
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Zoggy, for your new posts I am assuming that your mom is letting you keep the kitties - is that right? Also, I will repeat myself, you seem to be a mature young gentleman that cares for his cats - I'm proud of you! Let us know how the vet's appointment goes on Wednesday. Keep up the good job!
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I really dont know.
We are keeping one for sure, right now im working on convincing her to keep two.
The cats are like on their best behaviour.
They can be climbing drapes and my mom comes in they run back into the box and cuddle. I taught them well.
I hope I can keep them both though!

Oh and what age should I start clipping their nails and with what?
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They sell at PetSmart, Petco and any pet store, nail clippers for cats, for around $6.99. I started clipping Montgomery's nails when he was 6 weeks old. Well I didn't, the vet at the HUmane Society did. Then I started doing it at home with the clipper and he hated it. I tried with a small nail clipper for humans and he loves it now! Whenever I take out the nail clipper to use it myself, he comes running and shows me his front paws - cute!
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I see. So should I have the vet show me how to do it first or do you think it would be better If I did it myself?
Should I start preparing them everyday and taking their paws and extracting the nails out? I read if you put finger in mouth, check ears, extract nails, and pet stomach for a while they get used to it and its easier at the vet and stuff.
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Absolutely to all your questions! The vet will teach you how to do it. the best way to have the kitties comfortable with nail clipping is by manipulating their paws with soft circular movements.
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Originally Posted by Lorelei
Absolutely to all your questions! The vet will teach you how to do it. the best way to have the kitties comfortable with nail clipping is by manipulating their paws with soft circular movements.
I see. Thanks.

I made them a nice house out of a laundry basket.
Its big and nice, I put in a nice warm quilt.
Plus the laundry basket has holes in it and hey like to poke their paws through it.
Added a tennis ball and a random stringy thingy, and they've been in it almost the whole day!

I think I should buy another food tray for them as they keep fighting over it.

Isnt it cute?

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You're doing so good! Now, be careful with stringy things. Kitties love to bite and swallow all those things. At PetSmart, they have little balls with bells inside and they love them, trust me! Also, Walmart has better prices on cat toys! You might want to check it out! Gotta go now - have to work tonite! But I will log in again tomorrow to see how things are with your kitties.
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Stringy thingy has balls on it (like a necklace used for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome or just nervousness, you move the beads up and down with your fingers - kinda like a rosary but bigger beads and no crucifix)
I hung it from a pencil
If you want to see more pics you can find them here:

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Yes, it is a good idea for them to have each own food-dish.

When you are talking mom over to keep both of them, here some arguments:

They will held company to each other especielly as they are good friends. In this way it is usually EASIER to have two than one.
It is a myth cats are solitary. Nowadays it is known cats are social animals and usually prefer to have cat-company - if there is enought with food.
I think many people thinks an alone cat will bind to the owner, they afraid two will bind to each other - and not the owner. This is NOT true: They do bind to the owner och loves him/her - their PA or their MA, AND they have their cat friend. The difference is positive: they are not the same nuisance to play with them every moment, as now they can also play with their cat-pal. But still they know who is their Ma/Pa. And they are still friendly to the other humans in the family.
This of course if all humans in the house ARE friendly.
Dogs bind to their master, cats binds to their MA/Pa.

The food is usually NOT twice as costing, with two you can buy bigger bags=cheaper .

Last. Do not forget to neuter them in time. So both you and the cats avoids many nuisances and problems. When? In US they often neuter healthy pet cats when about 12weeks, in other countries they prefer them to be older, 6month is usual. Talk with the vet when you see him/her on wednesday.
If you are tight on money try to make up a payment-plan... Or discuss you move lawn for the veterinary as payment...

Good luck and much joy with your two small friends!
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I agree with StefanZ totally! Two is always better than one, because it makes more of a "family" environment for the cats and they can manage better together, not always depending on you for entertainment/support. And of course, humans don't groom with their tongues - my cats groom each other all the time, and everybody LOVES it (heck, my kitten grooms ME). You can always refer your mom to this site if she has questions - she can use your username as long as she tells us it's her, not you!

Also - dark poop may be a sign of dehydration - one of my babies had it when he was little, due to a fever/virus. He did get better and is no worse for the wear. But you can tell the vet about what you saw as well as bringing in a sample of current poop.
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when you take them to the vet - bring some stool samples along for them to examine..
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Just to through at thought out there......
I know if humans iron count is too high, they can have black stools...
Maybe a simple blood test would indicate what the problem may be. And if its a GI bleed, then a quick ultrasound should beable to indicate that as well. If it is old blood it will be black. Let us know how your precious kitty's doing.
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