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is there anything to put on cat's scrapes because my cat is paralyzed and drages her paws across the floor scraping them open we now put on socks but they fall of now and then and before you know it she is bleeding again, i'm afraid it is going to get infected
thanx in advance
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You just need to keep it clean, mild soap and water is best before you can take her to the vet and come up with a better solution as well as a vet recomended cleanser.
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i have been keeping it clean but thanx anyway.
i'll see wut they have at the vet's for her then...
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You could purchase, or probably even make something like this for her.
This site also has carts (wheelchairs) available

Protect a pet
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thanx it sounds perfect...
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In the meantime, you might try getting some Vetrap (http://www.3m.com/US/healthcare/prof.../petProd.jhtml) to cover her paws and protect them. It shouldn't fall off like socks.
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we did something like that before the socks even but human bandage, she got caught on a latter though and it wasnt very clean i didnt want to do that again so we used socks (sugestion from the vet)
but thanx,
i am now going to order a protect-a-pet thingy ma thing thanx for all your suggestions
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i ordered it 2 days ago it is going to take a few weeks though as they didn't have them in yet thanx again
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