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Good vibes for Claires "dad"

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I learned this morning the priest who adopted Claire (my little guy Pete's sister that I got VERY attached too) has been experiencing some health problems. He's lost some weight and has had an infection in his lungs. Please
send good vibes that he recovers soon and has many happy years with Claire.
I know from talking to him how much loves her and vise versa. Thanks!
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sending good vibes for (claire) that she will have many happy years with her new family
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Sending good thoughts and hopes the priest's way... along with many others I am certain.
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Lots of get-well-quick vibes are on the way to Claire's dad!
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Sending many get well vibes!
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Lots of vibes coming from across the water...
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Sending lots fo get well vibes his way.
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Prayers that the priest feels better soon!
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Thanks for the good vibes everybody. I'm concerned about the priest because he's a very good, kind man, but also about Claire. You may remember my posts about her. She's a very sweet, but shy, little girl, who
was adopted and returned three times before this priest was willing to give her a chance. Since he's an older man, we both signed an agreement that, in the the event, he could no longer care for her, she would be returned to my care. I don't think we're at that point yet, but I have decided (even though I really shouldn't have another cat) that if/when he ever has to give Claire up, she's got a home with me. Afterall, she's family!
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God is with him.... prayers that he will get better soon
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Word around the office is that this man is not doing well at all. As far as I know he's not in the hospital (yet). I hate to bother him at home if he's sick, but I'm thinking about contacting the director of priest personnel who would know what's going on. I just want to be sure Claire is being taken care of, and, that if anything does happen to her "dad" that she comes back to me. Does that seem reasonable, or am I worrying too much? (I know I tend to when it come to Claire.)
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I would call and request that you be notified if there is a problem now or in the future about Claire's care. I hope that her "Dad" feels better but Claire needs to be your first concern. I'm sure that her "Dad" would want that too. Good luck. Keep us informed.
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Well, the director of priest personnel didn't even know Claire's dad was sick!
So, I decided the best approach would just be to contact him directly to find out how he's doing. Haven't heard back from him yet. I'm probably worrying about this too much, but Claire's welfare is very important to me. She's had a lot of instability in her young life and I just want what is best for her. Thanks for listening.
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I realized yesterday how much I've lamented and obsessed about Claire on TCS. Sorry about that, everbody. Can you tell she's pretty special to me?
Anyway, I spoke to the priest's secretary who said he's a little worn down and taking some time off work, but just needs to rest and should be fine.
She said he talks about Claire all the time and clearly enjoys her companionship. Claire even sits on his lap, which she never did with me.

Thanks for putting up with me on this!
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Eileen, Claire's "daddy" is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he gets better soon and is able to enjoy many, MANY fun-filled years with Claire!
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Well, I spoke with Dad himself who says he's feeling a little weak and tired, but good enough to come into work for a while today. The "creature," as he refers to Claire has not only been sitting on his lap, but has decided to sleep on his pillow. This is real progress for her! I'll bet she's sensitive to the fact that he hasn't been feeling well. It sounds like she's exactly what he needs right now to keep him going and take care of himself.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
I realized yesterday how much I've lamented and obsessed about Claire on TCS. Sorry about that, everybody.
Nothing to apologize about. that's what we are hear for. It's wonderful that you have taken such an interest in Claire - not everyone would.

I'm glad to hear Claire's Dad is doing a bit better.
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Eileen, I just saw this thread. I'm glad Claire's daddy is getting better and that he loves her so much.
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