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Allergies. He thinks it's the litter...

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causing his allergies.

(apologies for the long post beforehand)

So about a month ago I had the biggest urge to get a cat. My parents deal was that I can get a pet, but he's got to go to my boyfriends house with me when I go.

My boyfriend is allergic, and I'm practically living with him. I didn't even ask him for a cat. All I was doing was looking. I knew he was allergic and I wasn't going get one because of his allergies.

He saw how badly I wanted a pet (he thought getting a cat was part of satisfying my biological want to have a baby). And he told me that his allergy varies with different cats. Some are worse than others. He convinced me to get a cat. That it's okay and we'll see what happens.

So I adopted a cat I had been eyeing. At first it was alright. His allergies werent bad at all. Occassionally i'd have to get him a claritin-d or alavert along with doing regular cleanings of the apartment. (vacuuming with hepa filter, etc..)

But lately it seems to be getting worse. He says he can cuddle Weeb and whatnot and it's not bad. (today I treated Weeb with allerpet/c) But sometimes he can smell the litter (which I tend to regularly to keep from smelling) and he thinks it's pretty much that. At first I tried Worlds Best but it didn't seem to be holding up too well in the odor department, at the same time I tried Swheat Scoop, I also gave that Arm&Hammer litter deodorizer that you add into the litter a try. No go. That almost seemed to make it worse and what fragrance it did have was annoying. Now i'm going from organic to totally synthetic and trying Tidy Cat silica crystals. He can still (or thinks he can) smell the litter. It's only been a day since I started using it. Should i give more time with this litter, or ... just switch again?

He seems to think that it's mostly the litter that's bothering his allergies. Or possibly it's Weeb's urine and/or feces. Does anybody know of a litter to try that won't likely bother him? Or if it is the urine/feces, is there anything I can do?

My boyfriend doesn't have insurance to cover any medicines he might need to help his allergies, not to mention the pain in the butt it is to have to constantly take medicines (if he had insurance i'd push for allergy shots).

Any suggestions?? Thank you!!!
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I'm so sorry for your situation! I don't know what to tell you as far as if it could be the litter/urine/feces. I would think it probably could be, I guess people can really be allergic to anything. But I can give you the name of the litter I use, and really like. Tidy Cats Small Spaces. I live in an apartment, and right now Marlee and her box are in my bedroom, so a good odor control is needed. I think its worked well, of course I can smell it right after she poos, but it goes away pretty quickly, especially if I scoop right away. I also think it clumps pretty well. Anyway, good luck, and maybe you could ask your vet for some information? Let us know how things work out.
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I doubt it is the litter that he is allergic to. Most likely it is the dander and that is not going to get better. I had two inside cats and my husband developed allergies. I went through the cleaning, hepa filters, ionizers, special filters for the heat and A/C system. Nothing helped. He got bad enough we had to get an outside enclosure for the cats.
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he says it is worse with some cats than with others, that is like my cat allergy- they found out that there is a protein in cats saliva that ppl are allergic to, and some cats have a lot of this protein and others very little.
if he can hold the cat and have no problem but believes it is the litter, it is probably the litter. Ppl who have one allergy almost always have another or several others, and we (those of us with allergies) tend to be very sensitive to smells.
it might help if he chose the litter- unfortunately most litters are packaged so you cant test them before you buy

my daughter has severe allergies and asthma and has cats, she gets the NEW clumping feline pine
she let me try it here, and boy does it ever work! no odors at all!! and it lasts a long time
now if only i could get everyone to use it!!
i dont know how hard it is to find, but you might want to try that.

good luck!

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Have you tried unscented litter? That might bother people who have respiratory allergies.
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He could be allergic to the litter...but if he KNOWS he`s allergic to cats then I`d suspect that first. Has he been allergy tested???
If he has been then you might have to put the kitty in it`s own room and keep on cleaning the rest of the home....especially fabric that might be holding cat dander.
If YOU give the kitty plenty of attention in it`s own room it will get used to it after awhile if has all the things necessary for a kitty. If it is the kitty then you`ll need to wash up and change clothes after being with the kitty before you touch your boyfriend. Allergies that are agrivated can get worse....My Mom is so allergic to cats that she can not even take the shots. We are VERY careful to try not to bring anything to her when we visit her...and she CAN NOT come to our house anymore.
Hopefully your boyfriend can get insurance and eventually try having shots to build up his immunity so he can enjoy the kitty too.
In a case like this 2 kitties may be better than one...cause they could keep each other company when you are not in there .
I hope all works out well for you all.
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If your boyfriend has asthma, it could be the litter. But if he is just smelling it... that isn't necessarily an allergy. If it's the cat there are things you can do to make it better. One you're already using (Allerpet). The thing that works well for me is bathing the cat. That will get the dander out and keep it to a minium if the bathing is regular. Most people don't like bathing their cats but it is an excellent option if you're willing to try. There are a few folks on this site that also bathe their cats due to having allergies and it's been effective for them also. Just a thought.
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I know someone who is allergic to most kinds of litter except Scoop Away unscented.

Crystal litter is another option.

You also might want to give World's Best a try and just add another scooping each day.
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