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Dude i really stink to this crazy quiz tv-series

How you did
- Answered correctly: 5 of 12
- Points awarded: 50

- Average score: 10 of 12
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I got 8 out of 12. I thought I knew them all!
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I got 10 outta 12
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6 out of 12 for me - I thought that wasn't too bad considering I live in Europe and don't have cable
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I got 10/12, which is funny because I don't have cable and haven't watched any TV prgram regularly for, oh, six or seven years.

I'm good at test-taking, though.
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I got 8 out of 12... a few of the I didn't have a clue!!
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I'm not even gonna try. I might (looking at the questions) get about 2 right. I haven't watched TV for almost 18 years!
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Hi, I'm the author of this quiz. I don't think it was that difficult (most of the TV series were pretty well-known) and I'm glad some of you got high results to prove my point.
PS As this is a cat lovers site, have fun with these Cat Quizzes.
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I got 7/10 but I hadn't heard of half those programmes! it was fun though!

People could easily cheat and search google, but that's dumb! gotta see how much you know

Checking out the cat ones now!
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Hi Triumph,

I have just taken the first cat breed quiz and it was really fun, I scored 10/10 of course!

But I have a few things to bring up =)

Question Two:

It says that Turkish Angoras have water proof coats, they actually don't - I just did a bit of research, perhaps you got mixed up with the Turkish Van? which is also commonly referred to as the Swimming cat!

Also with Question 3: Not only can you train Sphynx to fetch small objects, you can teach any breed of cat - including Domestics. Some cats don't even need teaching and just learn by themselves!

Question 5: I own five Persian cats, and I don't groom them daily - but that one doesn't matter so much!

Question 6: Here in NZ we don't have a breed called the "Russian Blue" but after some research I see that is what you call them in the US, we just called them Russians here because they come in white and black also!

Question 8: Egyptian Maus, come in a variety of colours - including smokes!!

Off to do the kitten quiz now! Thanks again!!
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9 of 12 that was hard!
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How you did
- Answered correctly: 11 of 12
- Points awarded: 110
How 123Facts members did

- Average score: 10 of 12
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10 out of twelve. I dont watch tv anymore so I'm not familiar with the newer stuff.
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look how good you guys have done! all of ya'll rock
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ooops for got to say i still stink i got the worst score
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I got 9 out of 12 correct (and I was only certain on 4 of them)
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10/12 on the TV quiz but should I really be proud of that?
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Originally Posted by RockinRhonda
ooops for got to say i still stink i got the worst score
Rhonda, getting a low score means you don't spend as much time watching stupid TV shows as the rest of us do!
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11 out of 12 I really think I need a hobby that doesn't involve my t.v. or dvd player, lol.
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I got a perfect 12/12
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11 of 12
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11/12....too much tv for me....
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