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Hello & Update

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I have really missed you lot this past week

I started my new job on Monday and it is going really well. I am working as a personal assistant to the CFO at a London property company.

There is so much new information to take in and the handover was only Monday & Tuesday so pretty much the rest of the week the job was mine I am still finding my feet and trying to work out what meetings happen when, who attends etc. But I am enjoying myself! The girls I work with have made my first week really good and I am actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday! My boss seems nice enough too!

I have not had time to come online yet, I have been getting to work at 8.30am, leaving at 5.30pm then by the time I am home, had dinner etc I am shattered so I have been in bed by 9pm fast asleep!

Then of course, Mr Guinness has been missing me sooooo much On Monday morning on my first day he knew something was up because as soon as he saw my work bag he started to pounce on it and steal things (like make up brushes). Each morning after that, he has either attacked my ankles as I am about to leave the flat or tried to bite my hand All these things he has not done for about 1 year now as he had got used to me going to work, then I think having those 6 weeks off have made him think, "mummys home all the time again"... The poor boy. But when I get home he is lovely and super clingy so we have had some "Guinness - Mummy" moments where all we feel is love for each other... hehe
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Hi Gilly! it is nice to hear from you

I am glad working is going well for you. Sad to hear about Guin, i hope he'll get used to the new schedule soon!
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enjoy your weekend gilly
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Gilly, I'm pleased that it's going well for you! I am sure Guinness will get used to your new schedule soon, but for now, enjoy the love sessions when you come home!
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Gilly i'm really pleased you like the job!

Awwww and poor Guinness misses his mum
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That's great about the job Gilly. Give Guinness a hug from me
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hi Gilly,
good to see you Glad the job is going well for you
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Congrats on the new job. You're sounding so much better than you were at the beginning of the summer.

Guinness will get back into a regular routine again. My cats are still adjusting to my being away traveling for 3 weeks for work. They haven't decided whether they should be aloof or clingy.

Good luck.

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Good to hear the job's going well! Poor Guin, give him a can of tuna!
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Thanks for the update! I have missed seeing you around
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I'm glad your new job is going well! Mooch is really clingy when I get home from work too. I'm sure he'll catch on to the new routine too!
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Congratulations on, and good luck with, the new job, Gilly! Guiness will probably settle into the new routine soon. Jamie is always thrilled when I have vacation, and it takes him a week or two to get used to the new schedule once school starts up again.
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So glad to hear that your new job is going well...poor Guiness!!, sounds like one smart kitty!
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What great news! I'm glad you are working with nice people! And Guin just loves you so much, of course he would rather keep you home all day! Nice of him to welcome you home at the end of the day!
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Think maybe Guin would like a little sister or brother to keep him company????
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