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Alley Cat Allies is in Bogalusa, Louisiana

Alley Cat Allies cannot operate our rescue and restoration project in the Gulf States without the hard and generous work of committed volunteers. This campaign will continue at least for the next three months, and we will need your help throughout that time.

But DO NOT jump in your car and come on down!
If you want to volunteer with Alley Cat Allies or any rescue group in this area, read what is required of ALL volunteers.

What's In It For You...

This may be the best week of your life. There’s nothing glamorous or fun or easy about this work—but we’re saving the lives of the most innocent victims of the storms. You are guaranteed to go to bed at night knowing that YOU ARE MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THEIR WORLD!

Skills and Experience Needed
The Alley Cat Allies base camp specifically needs the following:

Animal handlers/trappers
Computer expertise
Clerical people who can help with volunteer and animal intake
Handy men/women
Caregivers to feed and care for animals at base camp.
Cage assemblers and cleaners
Supply inventory helpers who will also run errands as necessary
People with disaster rescue training

To volunteer please email You will be asked to fill out a volunteer application where you can tell us your skills and when you are able to volunteer.

Want to donate supplies to the camp?
Our needs are constantly changing this is our most updated list of needed items.

Donated Supplies Needed

Large / Expensive Items
Walkie Talkies
Trash cans with wheels (6)
12 X 12 screen tents (a few, not tons)
Humane traps
Folding tables (3 or so)
Laptop computers (need to be fairly current)
Digital cameras (a few)
Satellite phones
Satellite internet connection
Rescue vehicles -- vans, SUVs, in good running order, loaned or donated

Small / Inexpensive Items
Clean Towels and Sheets
Duct tape
Folding crates
Metal S-hooks
Fans (6)
Tool kits (hammers, screwdrivers)
Trash bags kitchen and lawn size
Folding camp chairs
Bottled water
Paper for use in printers
Pens and other basic office supplies (small quantities, not tons)
Baby wipes
Anti-bacterial wipes
Anti-bacterial hand cleaner (water free type in pump dispensers)
Face masks
Latex exam gloves
Kitchen rubber gloves
Scrub brushes (small number)
Mini brush and dustpan sets (to clean cages)
Paper towels
Gloves for animal handling
First aid kits (3)
Toilet paper
Batteries - D

Please e-mail us and let us know what you plan to send so we can give you an address.