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Fresh Step litter?

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Im using a 23 lbs bag of Fresh Step cat litter, is this stuff safe for my kittens?
Ive read that clumping litter can cause all sorts of problems and one of them said "yellow colored vomitting".
One of my kittens did that and I saw her eat the cat litter a few times, is Fresh Step safe for my kittens?
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I used Tidy Cats clumping litter when Zoe was a kitten, and never had a problem....
But if your kitten is eating it and having problems, try changing to a non-clumping litter.
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See, I dont KNOW if it is clumping or non clumping ,it doesnt say. Just says its clay litter.
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Originally Posted by Zoggy
See, I dont KNOW if it is clumping or non clumping ,it doesnt say. Just says its clay litter.
If it's clumping litter, it will say "Fresh Step Scoop"
Clumping litter forms a "clump" when the cat pees in it, which you can scoop out and keeps the box cleaner. If it says "clay cat litter" it's not the clumping kind.

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Oh okay, it says clay litter.
Does anyone use clumping litter? What about when they're older?
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I use clumping litter. It's nice to scoop out the clumps of urine, helps keep the smell down. I haven't had a kitten since before I started using clumping litter, but at the cat rescue, that caused me to start using clumping, they used it with everyone, including little kittens, with no problems. It was the only kind of litter she used. I like Fresh Step, Arm & Hammer, or Scoop Away.

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There are many individuals that warn against using clumping litter for kittens. Here is just one article:

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Pouncer uses Fresh Step Scoop with no problem. :] clay litter is non-clumping, though.
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It sounds like you're using the non-clumping, clay version of Fresh Step, which should be safe for young kittens to use:

I start out young kittens with a non-clumping clay litter, and then transition them to a clumping litter when they consistently treat litter as litter and not as food - usually around 6-8 weeks of age. Even though only some young kittens eat the litter, I'm willing to trade off the scooping convenience of clumping litter for the extra safety of regular clay litter for a few weeks.

Since you've actually seen your kitten eat litter, it's best to stick with non-clumping until she gets over this phase.
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Ah, yes, thanks.
Thats what it looks like. Lucky Charms :P
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