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Any Cat Food Guru's Out There?

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Greetings all,

Just got back from the vet with George and Gracie. George is a heafty 14.5 pounds and Gracie is holding steady at just under 10 pounds. Need a dry food that will drop weight off of George but not rob nutrition from Gracie. Feeding them separately is NOT an option. Vet recommended a high protein, low carbohydrate food. I wish not to pay Vet prescription diet priced food such as Hills M/D or Purina O/M. Is anyone aware of a food available at out local pet stores (Petco/PetSmart)?

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If you're looking for high protein, low carb dry food, then Innova EVO is the only thing I'll reccomend It's a dry food with no grains. I feel it's the closest thing you'll find to a natural carnivore diet in a kibble.

But for weight loss, I would usually suggest a good quality wet food diet... is there any reason you specify dry?
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Agreed. Innova EVO has the lowest carb content of all the kibble.. I've found that it takes less EVO to feed my cat than it did Nutro. Canned food is definitely a good option also.
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Yes, Evo is the best "cat" food on the market with the lowest amount of grains and carbs and highest protein, which is worrisom only if you have a cat who already has kidney problems.It's made my Natura, check out the website and store locator : http://www.naturapet.com I've talked to a couple of people,...this is an all-cat food. It works with kittens and cats and older cats. It "stabilizes" weight so overweight tend to lose weight and underweight appear to gain. It's a bit pricier but you feed less, and you can see by checking the cat box that most of it is getting utilized. :lol Be sure to start feeding it very slowly. It is unlike any of the cat foods and if you start it too fast it may make them vomit, so introduce not more than 1/4 Evo to 3/4 old food for a couple of days and then go up to 1/3 and then 1/2 and then 3/4, etc. There als a great cat food comparison chart and info on the Naturlpet site, but you do need to dig around a bit to find it,..but it will let you compare 4 cat foods, and each ingredient has a link to tell you what is goood, what is not and what its for. and you wont' find it at petsmart type stores.
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Talk to your VET... I recommend wet food over dry ... am leaning toward raw which is easy .. but talk to your vet..
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My Vet also tells me that wet food is the way to go. Dry food packs on the pounds, loaded with carbs, even the diet dry food will not help. My vet told me that cats are meant to eat meat not grains and they cannot digest it properly and it turns to fat and can also lead to feline diabetes. If you are open to wet food, there are many premium cat foods. Stay away from whiskas, friskies etc, they will also pack on the pounds. My cat eats Trader Joes premium cat food, no fillers or by products(and it costs the same as whiskas). But there are many good premium cats foods, some cost a little more. This might help, I found this on another thread www.catnutrition.org/obesity.htm
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I agree...talk with your vet, consider switching to feeding canned food, but if you must stick to dry kibble, though not available at petco or petsmart, Innova EVO would be the way to go (it's on the natura site, link to which is in another poster's message).

I do not agree that there are no foods of quality at petco/petsmart. A very decent weight management dry food is Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Weight Management food, which I am using with both my overweight and normal weight kitties (except those of my kitties on a special diet for other health issues). Nutro is available at Petco and Petsmart, best price is a Petsmart, in my experience.

While I am not into raw, this site has good overall information on cat nutrition - www.catnutrition.org and especially check out this site by a veterinarian www.catinfo.org.
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Thanks for the replies. Due to budget constraints a.k.a. wife not working yet, I settled on Iams Multi-cat for now. May try others later if I do not get the results that I desire. It's not a perfect food, but the carbs are not the first few ingredients. I think it has about 38% protein. Was thinking about ProPlan Weight Management, good protein 46% but lots of carbs. Let's sit back and see what happens.
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