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Spotty cats!

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I want to see some beautiful spotty cats!!!
Don't care what breed...as long as it has spots!!

I'll start with some pics of Zoe's spotty self.

Who's next???
I know there are more spotted tabbies here!!
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Zoe's spots are beautiful What a cool kitty.
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hahahahaha!!!! look terrific!!!.. ... and In the last one, he´s walking like "Godzilla"......
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hehe Thanks, guys! That's my evil little spotty-butt kitty....

Now, come on!! I KNOW there have to be other spottys out there!!
Brown, ginger, silver, whatever, as long as it has spots!!
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Here's my spotted Bengal boy, Simba

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She doesn't look so spotty in this pic, but I have limited picture resources at work.
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beautiful furrys! Here is my spotty boy! Linx

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What gorgeous spotted kitties!!
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here's my spotted kitties

new kitty, name pending

Harley Red

Metallic Miss AKA Cookie

Ami AKA Angel

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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
I'll start with some pics of Zoe's spotty self.

(Sorry, couldn't resist )
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That is great!!!
I love it!
She really is kind of Godzilla-like, to tell the truth. There is a trail of destruction in her wake....
I am still laughing!!

Oh, and BengalBabe, Cookie is in danger of being cat-napped by me! She is beautiful!!! All your kittes are gorgeous, but she is striking.
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They are all adorable!!
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I love the ones of the bengal kitties...they look like wild cats
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