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I'm so mad I could just ..spit!!

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When I took my daughter to the bus stop this morning a guy pulled over in a black truck and asked me if I owned a black and white cat. I don't but my neighbors both do so I peeked on the back of his truck.

There lay my neighbors kitty with blood around her nose and back legs looking pretty bad. We figure she got hit by a car, as the guy saw her crawling up out of the ditch and he stopped and picked her up.

Well, we went to tell my neighbor and her response was 'Oh, for god's sake, I just spent $130 at the Vet to have my dog spayed'. No compassion for her injured cat whatsoever

I ended up going back into my house because my son needed me, and about 10 minutes later I saw the guy in the truck, along with my neighbors brother hop back in the truck and pull away...the opposite direction of the Vets office. I KNOW they went to 'take care' of the cat instead of getting her medical attention at the Vet.

I'm so angry I could scream. This is the same woman who brought me a box full of two week old kittens back in September and told me if I didn't take them she was going to have her brother drown them ( I did take them, btw) Sorry to ramble here, I just had to vent. She says shes not getting anymore cats because shes tired of dealing with stuff like this. THAT at least is a good thing. I swear if she ever does get another one, I'm calling the SPCA and having it taken from her.
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Oh my god, that is horrible Melissa!!
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UGH!!! Some people!!! Jees!! This is so sick... I'd be mad too!!!
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This world. Be thankful she won't be getting another kidden. I feel sorry for the dog (and probably her kids if she has any)
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Some people just have no compassion. How would she like someone to treat her the same way!
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Most people who love one animal love other animals too, but sometimes you meet a person who just seems to have it in for a particular kind of animal. This woman is obviously NOT a cat person at all (though she may love her dog dearly, some people just detest cats) and I can't imagine why she'd get one as a pet at all since she has so little affection for them.

How sad for that kitty, to struggle to get home and suffer like that, only to be cast aside. At least she is someplace better now.
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That is so sad. I'd be really frustrated and angry as well. Life really sucks sometimes
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I really wish we could just turn the tables on these type of people. As airpricess said "Life really sucks sometimes".
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ggggrrrr I hate to hear things like that - how would she like it if she were sick and someone went to take care of her....maybe that is what she needs!!!!!
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Oh that's horrible!!

I'd have likely taken down the liscence plate number and called the SPCA anyway.
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That is just so sad!!! I would have been angry too!!
She obviously didn't love that cat, or there is no way in heck she wouldn't of taken it straight to the vet IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! That poor cat might have lived if given the proper care!!!
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Well, the only reason she had the cat in the first place was because it was a 'leftover' from one of her many yearly broods of kittens (she didn't want to fork out the money to get her female cat spayed)that no one wanted. She thinks of animals as a nuisance, and the only reason she has any is because her kids ask for them.

She asked me if the Vet was open yet (this was about 8am) so I assumed she was going to take the kitty to the Vet. It wasn't until I got back in my house that they drove away with kitty to 'finish her off'.

I look at my kitty Missy (who was one of the box full of two week old kittens she gave me ) and realize how lucky she is to be living here with me instead of over there with that psycho lady.

My one small consolation in this is that at least this year there will be no more unwanted kittens being born at her house, and the poor unloved kitty is now playing happily at The Bridge
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