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Pee Pee Pete

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I am still having problems trusting Pee Pee Pete in my bedroom. I know this sounds silly, but is there something like a cat "diaper" that I could put on him so that he doesn't Pee Pee on my bed? I miss so much having my babies sleep with me, I am almost considering giving Pete away to someone else, and I don't want to do that either.
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Why not put a large plastic sheet on your bed and cover it with something you don't mind washing therefore protecting you good sheets!
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Our local Dollarama - largest dollar store chain in Canada - has a sheet protector (of all sizes) that works wonderfully for this purpose. Amazingly, not a drop of the unwanted bodily fluids seep through to the matress, tho I would not want to try leaving the plastic on for longer than a day! YY has peed the bed twice, one when she was caught under the blankets and needed to go and another when my 6 yo niece was playing with her in the bed - and both were "supposed" to be asleep. My niece thought YY wanted to leave her and YY just really really needed to go.Both times, this plastic came to the rescue.

You could prob find a similar product where you are. There are kitty diapers or you can make your own the but those are typically for kitties who have serious and/or chronic kidney problems.

For some reason, this reminds that the first Dollar Store I ever saw was in that New Orleans Mall that is on the river. (sighhhhhh!!)
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We bought a really cheap duvet that we don't care about to cover the one we do care about. This way the cats can share the bed too, and not ruin the nice bedding while they're at it!
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