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Runny Eyes

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My kitty, Peter (5 yr old, neutered, male house cat), has had a virus for about a month. He has been to the vet twice and has been medicated. The vet assures me that these things just have to run their course, but I am still worried. How long should I give this thing before taking him back to the vet or finding another one?
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I certainly am no expert, but I personally would expect it to have cleared up in a month and 2 visits. Again, personally I would look for another vet for a second opinion.

Not all "experts" (vets) are equal!
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The information you've given isn't complete enough to make a helpful suggestion here.
A second opinion as Yosemite mentioned is a good idea.
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The amino acid, lysine, interferes with the replication of viruses. When I first got my kitty her eyes were runny. When I found out the cause was viral and not bacterial, I started giving her 500 mgs of lysine per day. In just over a week the symptoms were gone. This was months ago and her eyes have been clear and beautiful ever since. You can get the lysine in capsule form, break open the capsule and mix it in wet food or broth. I think it's worth a try!
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Peter started out with just one runny eye. He had been outside for the day and I thought he had gotten into a spat with Midnight and received a poke in the eye. Called a friend of mine that night and she recommended that I take him to the vet. The next morning his eye is swollen and really crusty, so, he goes to the vet. Vet says he has a viral infection, but gives him antibiotic to prevent a secondary infection. Vet gave him two shots at the office and liquid Cephalexin and triple antibiotic opthalmic ointment to use at home.

Pete was from a feral litter and he not the most cooperative of cats when he feels good and all this handling is really stessing him out. Then he became more and more lethargic, sneezing, both eyes are runny at this point, he stops eating, and after about a week he started puking up the antibiotic. He was starting to loose weight (He is normally a big cat, not fat, but about 15 lbs.).

Took him back to the vet and he gave Pete another injection. Since Pete wasn't responding well to the oral antibiotic, the vet sent needles and injectable medicine home to use. (We have experience with that sort of thing.)

Another week on injectable antibiotics and Pete acts like he feels better, but eyes are still runny even with the opthmalic ointment. It has now been a week since the end of injections. Pete's eyes are still irritated but better than they were. Called the vet and they said these things just have to run there course.

Any advise would be welcome.
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