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can't get out of litter box

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Hello everyone,

Well I just purchased a covered litter box. And my cats have discovered how to get in there. The only problem is that they don't know how to get out So everytime they go in there they just hit the door and meow really loud till i hear them. And then i go and lift up the flap. They have a little room under the flap to put their paw under and lift it up so that they can get out, but they dont know that yet. I have tried to show them but they still do not understand. I really wanted the flap on there because one of my cats just go crazy with the litter, and it just flys everwhere. Does anyone have any sugguestions on how i can get them to open the flap themselves. Thanks
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I had the same problem with a covered litter box and my Juniper (RB). In hte end I had to take the door off! I faced the box to the wall, leaving just enough room for him to get in and I found that most of the litter stayed in the box. It was certainly better than an open box. I can't get covered boxes here or I would have them again.
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I don`t have a covered litter box but we did have trouble with Tedy flicking so much litter that the standard height tray just was`nt working. We bought one of those big plastic storage boxes with high sides...threw away the lid (although you could leave it if you wanted) and cut a square hole big enough for the cats to get in and out. (Ours is in a closet that my hubby cut a matching hole in that lines up with thte one in the litter box...so it`s completely out of sight escpet for the "kitty door".)
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To teach them how to use the door, try this:

First, take the lid off of the box. Preferably, leave it off for a few days, and put it on the floor for the cat to play with.

Put a treat on the inside of the box, far enough inside that they can't just stand in the middle and get to it. Once they're done with the inside treat, put a treat down outside of the box, far enough away that the cat needs to fully exit the box to get to it.

Give them a bit of help if they seem to be stuck, but after a couple times, they'll get the idea. Leave the lid off, and do that a couple of times for a few days. Then put the lid back on the box, and voila!
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