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Over Aggressive Tom

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My home has been adopted by another stray cat. We have dubbed him Midnight. He is a black, long-haired, bob-tailed (really he has no tail), half-starved tom. He had very chewed up ears whe he arrived, but with careful doctoring they are almost healed and he is fattening up nicely.

As with any animals that I am unfamiliar with, I have been careful with Midnight, but he had an odd way of whirling around to face you anytime he was petted. He has not been neutered, but will be if he continues to abide with me for any length of time. He has nipped me, my daughter, and my mother a time or two after being petted (no broken skin), but last night he actually attacked me.

I had been petting him, but started to go back in the house for the evening when Midnight launched himself at my ankle. I was startled and hollered and yanked my leg away incurring several nasty scratches and a bite (with blood). Midnight released quickly and tried to look innocent, but I am very leary of him now.

I know cats will sometimes attack when they are over stimulated, but I had stopped petting him and was walking away when this occurred. Is this a different type of aggression and how should I deal with him?
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One getting him neutered is the first step ....and no matter please keep in mind that he has been on his own fending for himself for a long time..

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