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What a crappy night.....

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Well last night really sucked!! After getting really excited about viewing a house all day, when we actually got there - it was rubbish!! It was waaay smaller then the one we are in now!! And double the price!! Soooo disappointed..... oh well... bcak to the drawing board!!
But the WORST thing last night was when we got home.... we had a note through the door to say we had a parcel delivered round the back - so off I went to pick up my parcel (which was from the book club..) BUT as I went down the side alleyway of our house... I found a dead cat... not just ANY dead cat, my nextdoor neighbours dead cat.... We didn't even realise it was theirs untill we looked at the collar - she was soooo different, she was much thinner and was all matted, apparently though she'd been missing for a few days but they hadn't been able to catch us in to tell us. ANyway, we wrapped her in a towel (she was stiff as a board bless her) and put her in a box, we had to keep her untill our neighbours came home. When they eventually got in, we told them and it was awful... the husband was SO near to tears it really put an awful big lump in my throat! Anyway, they are burying her today.... so sad... Hope she meets up with my Tetley, Brandy and Ebony at the bridge!
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Oh Rhee, that's awful. My heart really goes out to you and your neighbour.
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Thanks Sal!!
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That sucks. The looking at houses part is the WORST. I nearly had a breakdown looking for mine. When you find yours, you'll know it the minute you walk in the door (barring the possibility of the roof, foundation, structure being crap).:tounge2:

Poor kidden. That musta really topped your day, as well as the poor owners. What a shame.....
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At least they know what how their cat ended up. If it had just gone missing, they would be questioning for years.
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It's very touching that the husband was so emotional about his pet. My experience is that men are not as comfortable getting attached to animals, though of course that's not hard and fast.

I'm sorry it was such a day full of disappointment and sadness. At least today (Weds. where I am) should be better . . .
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Truly sad. I wish there were words that could help.


(The house thing will work itself out...patience.)
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Bod - What a horrible day. I'm sorry about the house, it must be disappointing. And the poor cat, well, what can I say.

I hope today is a better day for you.
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Ack! What a bad day! Poor kitty. At least his owners have closure

I did house hunting about a year and a half ago. They never look like they're described do they?

You'll find you dreamhouse soon! Just takes a little more hunting.
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Thanks everyone... (Nice to see you Bill! )
I have just made a couple more arrangements to view some houses at the weekend... soooo..... who knows?!?!? And AP - Nope!! They NEVER look the same!! hahaha... :tounge2:
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Totally rots! I was looking forward to a pic of it too I guess I'll have to wait for a room! haha! Hey Bill!!!!!

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that is really a "major downer" too bad the house was such a disappointment.

The poor baby - my heart is just aching
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That is SO sad....I feel so bad about your neighbors cat. And I am sorry the house hunting didn't go well. Maybe it will be better next time. Sorry you had such a crappy night...I really feel bad for your neighbors, too.
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Poor Kitty Hopefully it didn't have to suffer.
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So sad...poor kitty Hope your house-hunting goes better on the weekend..
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