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Questions about cat health

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My kitten/cat is 15 months old and he has a few things that I don't know if I need to take him to the vet over. He has this little red spot in his eye, and both of his eyes water throughout the day but I notice it more after he eats his cat food. The whites of his eyes are somewhat grey also. I know this might sound stupid because it might be obvious that anything having to do with his eyes might be vet worthy but I thought I would ask first.

And could anyone suggest better food for me, other than Meow Mix which I know isn't healthy, he's getting fatter than he should be at his age I think. And maybe some suggestions about Avantage and keeping the fleas under control in his environment.

Thanks a lot,
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I would suggest Royal Canin - good quality ingredience.....

...and yes he should see vet and have things checked out - better to catch and treat if needed at an early stage!!
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You certainly sound like you are headed in the right direction.

I agree a vet visit would be good and you could get information from the vet re Advantage/Revolution flea medication.

There are numerous good quality foods out there - read the labels and try to stay away from foods that have by-products and/or lots of fillers.

Royal Canin is a good food as is Nutro and Wellness.

Our Bijou is overweight for a Siamese and I'm hoping that over the next little while, I can find a better quality food that will help him slim down. I've gone to feeding more wet food than before and I believe he was gaining weight on the dry food we were feeding.
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the foods mentioned are good... there are others...
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Definitely a check-up with the vet is in order. Not saying anything is "wrong" with your cat, but many things will display symptoms in their eyes - from allergies, to tumors, to nothing at all.

Only a vet can tell you if anything is truly wrong with your furbaby. Lots of luck & best wishes to you.

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Thank you all very much for your suggestions and I will take him to the vet asap. Hopefully it isn't anything major, or anything at all. I'm also gonna get him some better food.
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