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Do cats get moody?

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sorry! I'm a bit overprotective so I have another question.

Do cats get moody? I ask - b/c my kitty has been a bit standoffish in the last few days. This is *new*, so that is why I'm asking. I've had her just over 5 mns, and she's been a full adult for maybe the last 3-4 mns.

She is eating the same and sleeping the same from what I can tell.
She just seems to be withdrawaling some...kinda reminds me of myself when I have pms (sorry men) but then I get back to normal. I never try to force affection on her btw. She just doesnt seem as interested in my when I want to pet her/pick her up.

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Oh - forgot to mention - no change in her environment or my schedule or whatnot.
The only thing in the last week that is different is that at night it has gotten a bit chilly (FINALLY!) after nonstop humidity and summer tempature feels.
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My cats go through a sort of Seasonal Affective Disprder when the days aren't as sunny.
They seem to go back to normal though rather quickly.
Remember how much cats love sun, and heat.

It's always a good idea though to have a vet check done with any behavioral changes.
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I'm no cat expert, but I can say that some cats are just moody as all get out. Eponine has her phases where she never wants to be touched and only wants to give me her "eat dirt" face . That's just what makes cats unique, I guess (they really are like little people!).

I hope someone can give you some better insight than I was able to provide!
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When it's hot out Loki dosen't want to cuddle as much and goes back to cuddling once it's cooler. But my mom's girl Piper sure has cattitude which keeps everyone on their feet *LOL*
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Harley is moody everyday
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If this was a sudden change, it could be something to do with her health. She might be ill. Or, is she spayed? It could be a hormonal change. You should take her to the vet. Better safe than sorry. If she isn't spayed, i think she would be better if she was. Hope i'm helping,
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Have you recently started to wear new perfume or body wash, etc.?
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yes - she is spayed.
I havent had a full year with her yet so I dont know her behavioral cycles - if she has any. She was abandoned so pretty insecure, but that is getting MUCH better - I thought maybe this was just a final phase of being secure in her home and with me.

Good question Larke. No new smells I can think of other than the fact I am quite ill and even *I* thought I smelled funny all last week. I have multiple tumors on my thyroid and adrenal gland. My (deceased) husband had cancer...and he smelled *funny* once it really took over his body.

Even if the smell thing is turning her off, she still will let me pick her up and she took a long nap on my lap yesterday.
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Does a bear poop in the woods???

I don't know if Cassie is ever *not* moody? She can be lovable one minute, sullen and sulking the next, and pouncing on Napoleon, toy mice, toy birds, whatever! She can go from hot to cold in a NY second let alone minute.

Believe it or not, her seasonal affected disorder was more attributed to the new apartment we are in...we don't get a tremendous amount of sunlight in our apt. We are moving to nice new bright area. She will be very happy...lots of windows and lots of birds to chirp too
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