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hey... where'd they go?!

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i've noticed the absence of some special people, curious if you guys could fill me in on
where they all got to? :confused3

illusion (Caycee), Billie, Mr.Cat (Joe), Darlene still here? swalker... (Shannon)
vlinder (Christie) alexnell (Michelle) Ttapestry1 (Steph) and on and on...

(there are a lot of you!)

come out, come out wherever you are
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Hmm the only one I REALLY know about is Billie!! I still talk alot to her, but she is just mega busy at work at the moment so doesn't get time to pop in!! Last I heard of Vlinder -she was busy having her baby!! (At least I THINK thats right!?!?!) As for the others Im not really too sure!!
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I have seen recent posts from Illusion, Alexnell, Darlene and Mr. Cat. They are still here, but maybe they aren't posting as often as they once did.
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Darlene hasn't been on as much lately. Her time online isn't as much as it used to be. I'll see her here maybe twice a month. I miss her also
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It just takes me so long to read through all the threads that I forget to go back and post to ones I intended to.

And I have been reading more books, and on the computer less.
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Well Katie here I am and soo happy to see you here!!!! Rhea was right about me - I'm just too busy to spend much time on the Internet.
I hope all's well with you and yours dear, I've been missing you so much!!!!
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Blue; I am so very happy to see you back. I find it very hard to come on and post lately. I am not doing very well health wise and also I have been very depressed lately having to move away from my babies. I am now living alone in a place that does not allow pets and it breaks my heart. I know that my nieces will take good care of the boys and girls but I miss them so and I know that they don't understand where I have gone. I wanted to come on today and wish everyone a Happy Valentines' Day, but I am not in the least bit happy. (except of course to see that you are back and that old friends are still doing well) Love to all of you, TLK
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I had hoped other arrangements had been made for you and you could stay with your babies. Is there anyone near enough to you to help you or even to bring some kitties over to you so you can snuggle with them? I am so very sad to read this latest turn of events for you. BIG HUGS!! ((((((((((((()))))))))))))))
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I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time lately. I can only imagine how you feel without your kitty family. I'll be praying for you to feel better, both in body and spirit, soon.
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i dont know what to say, ... i know how hard it is to be away from your beloved animals,
and i'm so sorry you are without them, i truly am.

i'm a good listener and if you ever need to talk you can call me (PM me if you want my number) or email me.

i'll be there for you, sweetheart.

love & blessings,
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i am missing you too, it's been months, hasnt it ?

i hope things are going well for you

if you ever get a chance of more then 5 minutes online, email me, girl.

in my thoughts,
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so good to see a friendly 'face' from 'back in the day'

how have you been? whats new? taking yoga yet?!

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Hi, Katie!!!

Long time, no see

How are you!!!
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Not much is new. Still haven't signed up for a yoga class--most of them are evening classes around here, and I work part-time evenings. There's a yoga program on the Oxygen channel that I practice along with a couple times a week. My cats laugh their little butts off at me, though. Nell likes to rub against me and tip me over when I try to do balance poses--she thinks that's great fun. I usually end up spending more time on the floor laughing than I do actually doing the yoga.:tounge2:
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*giggle* i know exactly what you mean !

i like doing my yoga at home and i go to classes for the social and hands on practice.

it's helping the muscles in my back strengthen, and my spine is beginning to straighten with that and physiotherapy so, i'm doing well, or, better, at least, physically.

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hey Debbie, i've been alright. it's always a hard question when you get right down to it.

how are you ? well, i'm many things, but in general terms i'm smiling, right now. i'm feeling Spring in the air more and more ! and i'm just trying to take care of myself.

how are you ?
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