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Well, I took Tabitha to the vet and they immediately said she was pregnant. She is about 6 weeks along and I had her tested for leukemia while I was since Pets, Inc. did not already. Is it cruel to have them aborted this late? They want me to let her have the kittens, but I think that is asking a lot considering. I don't know. Any thoughts about this?

Thanks bunches.

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Unless you are guaranteeing the new kitties homes, I think you're taking a big chance. I know how hard it is to make that kind of decision, but you need to understand that when they do an abortion on the mama, they remove the whole uterus with kittens intact. The kittens never take a breath, nor do they ever open their eyes. So you need to think very carefully about whether or not you will have homes for these kittens should you decide to let her have them. There are tons of unwanted cats out there because they lost their cuteness as kittens and become a responsibility. Make the right choice. Let me know what you decide.
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I agree that keeping them is a big risk and that is why I was shocked they asked me to keep them. They would find them homes. I am definately taking her tomorrow if they will and have her fixed. Thanks for your help.

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I would have to say, if they are going to take the kittens and put them in homes, she should go ahead and have them. Kittens usually go quick especially this time of year.
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