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Personally, I think it should be left for people who have medical problems that require plastic surgery like if you have a clef pallette (top lip isn't closed) or if you are a burn victim or something. I don't understand people who get DDD boobs or thier nose done because they can. If you want to improve your looks work out, use make up, don't go and cut yourself up just because
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Originally Posted by Obi
Well, I wouldn't call what you've described above as frivolous by any means. You didn't go in to correct a perceived fault, you went in to remove something that was a) a potential health issue and b) was causing real, actual abuse of your person. That's a mile away from someone having surgery because they want plumper lips or they don't like the perfectly natural aging wrinkles that everyone else else either has or is destined to get.

I couldn't agree more. I understand surgery when someting has to be removed due to a potential health risk and/or causes the person to be stared at, made fun of, or whispered about constantly.

I don't however agree with people who do it to change their entire appearance, and go through several surgeries to do so (like Michael Jackson). In my opinion those people looked better before all of their surgeries, and it just doesn't look natural!
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I would LOVE to go up a cupsize in my bust. I am not flat chested or anything but I would love to be a little more voluptuous up top. Not anything drastic, just a C cup. I'd love to do it, but not enough to pay for it.
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I think what I find a bit dissapointing is that it has become normal and almost expected to get cosmetic surgery. I'm not condemning everyone who has it - I believe it has some very worthy applications, and some that are just ridiculous. Teens that have not even completed growing getting boob jobs is scary.

I was really disgusted by a recent advertisment for wrinkle cream with Claudia Schiffer in it - the tag line was "let surgery wait!" - as if to say the cream was so good, dont worry folks, you can all postpone your facelifts a little longer!...

The whole industry is designed to make people feel bad about themeslves so we go out and spend money on things we don't even need. Guess what? People are supposed to get wrinkes as they age!! Grandma is not meant to look like a plastic skinned trout who just stepped out of a wind tunnel...
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I don't know how to feel, honestly. I mean, if it makes you feel good about yourself, then great. But...the way you look should really only have so much bearing on one's self esteem. I think that there's something wrong with a world in which Zoe'n'MissKitty's procedure changed her life. And i mean that in this way: To be forced to suffer at the hands of others that much because of a mole seems like everyone is completely missing the point. Yeah, looking good will make us feel good. But where do we draw the line? How much is too much? I think beauty is valued far beyond what it is actually worth. Is that Zoe'n'MissKitty's fault because she wanted to free herself by having the surgery? No, I think it's much more large-scale than that.
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Homo sapiens is, sadly, a species that enjoys sameness. Anything that sets an individual apart and makes them different is shunned to some degree by the average person.
That's why people who are outside the norms are poked fun at, be it because of a conspicuous mole, their weight, their height, their hair, or their facial features. That's why we have racism. That's why we think people who aren't part of our social clique are "weird".
Animals like their own kind to be the same, and anything that sets one apart from the others could mean that they are weak or a danger to the group. We are after all, animals. It's sad that humans, for all our evolutionary gifts, can't overcome our basest of instincts. We have all done it at some point or another, whether it's cringing at a scar or laughing at the tall skinny kid on the playground.
That doesn't make it right, we are intelligent enough to know that it's wrong, and we should all do our best not judge others for being different.
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I feel for you Zoe'n'MissKitty. Good for you for removing it. I've always had lots of moles and always felt very self-conscious about them. Even though people hardly ever commented on them, they still made me feel bad, and affected what I would wear. Now as I'm older, for some reason I'm just not that bothered anymore. Sure, if I could have them removed without leaving tons of scars, yes I would. But I don't let it stop me from swimming or wearing sleeveless tops anymore. I am concerned with the health issue too.
As for other cosmetic surgery, I regularly (every 2 years) have sceleorotherapy (sp?) for spider veins and I'm having laser surgery next week to zap the broken veins on my face. It makes me feel better, and it doesn't break the bank, so why not?
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I would have it in a heartbeat if I could afford it! I don't judge anyone who has it, but some people do go overboard!!
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Everything in moderation. Now that I'm over 60, I just wish I could afford it.
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I'm all for certain enhancements. Some people really abuse plastic surgery (like, women who get DD's just so they can get attention), and those types of people give plastic surgery a bad name.

I think eye-lifts, cheek implants or certain "age defying" things are okay; as long as it's not too obvious or overboard (think Joan Rivers).

I don't like seeing too much silicone, that's for sure. I think natural beauty beats the crud outta the fake stuff. A girlfriend of mine had fake boobs installed; she went from being an A-cup (on a 100-pound, petite frame, which was NATURAL and beautiful!) to having double D's. It looks SO RIDICULOUS but she says it makes her feel "hotter". Her hubby paid for the boobs and she cheats on him left & right. So I think stuff like that is unnecessary and detrimental.

However little things like having bags under your eyes fixed or like that Greta Van Sustern (sp?) had done --- well she definitely improved herself without going overboard and looking like a hussy.

I'm thankful that big butts came into style (thank you, J.Lo) cuz I was considering having a butt-shrinking thing done. Now if only little boobs would come back into style.
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I'm thankful that big butts came into style (thank you, J.Lo)
One thing I'm glad of J.Lo for!
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