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Help on supplementing kitten

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Kiera had her kittens 5 days ago. 4 of her kitties are gaining weight by leaps and bounds but 1 is lagging behind. He was the biggest at birth at 128 grams. While the others have gained 70-80 grams in the last 5 days, he has only gained 40. He is now the smallest. I want to supplement using either KMR or Kitten glop but I'm not too sure how to go about it.

I've read the kkiten-rescue page but that deals mostly with kittens who are orphaned. He does feed from momma so I don't want to fill him up with KMR and make him not hungry for momma's milk. When do you suggest I supplement him so as to not affect his appetite for "the real thing".

Also, I've tried a dropper bottle and a syringe but I was so afraid of squeezing too hard and him aspirating it - I'm going to buy a proper feeding bottle today. The technique I'm OK with it's the timing I'm not too sure on.

Poor little guy...
Thanks for your help
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Julie, in my visit to Petco yesterday, I read in a book that the first two days are the most important for the kitty, as when the eat mommy's milk they get colostrum. When I found Matilde, I calculated she was a week old and hopefully her momma didn't abandoned her before. I've been feeding "Mati" with KMR and she eats very well, she actually likes over-eating. She might have an eating disorder (LOL). Anyway, I think you can start feeding your kitty with KMR soon. I read in another thread that they are being overfed when you see bubbles in their mouth or nose. Good luck and keep me posted!
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Well, I tried him with the syringe as the stupid pet store was out of bottles. I tried a dropper too (a "pipette") but he refused to eat anything. Just kept squirming. To make matters worse, I am working a 12 hour shift saturday and sunday so I can't go in search of bottles... Nor can I supplement him except once in the morning before work and once at night when I get home.

I weighed him tonight and he had lost 5 grams from this mornings weight I'm getting pretty worried... He doesn't nurse overly well either. He searches and searches for the nipple. If he does finally find one he only nurses for a few seconds (like 30 seconds) then leaves to try and find another nipple. If he gets jostled off his nipple by his brothers and sisters, he can't find it quickly again and will often leave and search for another one.

Keep him in your prayers. His name is Lou-Lou.

Hang in there LouLou ! I love ya !
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Julie, try to give him some alone time with Mom - separate the other kittens from him and from Mom and just let Mom and this little guy spend some quality time together. Give him this time with Mom at least four times a day - more if you can get away with it. Once he gets the hang of finding his nipple and nursing you can let two or three more back in with him while feeding. But try to stagger their feeding cycles if you can.

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Julie, I would try soaking a small sponge with milk. has Lou Lou been sucking on your fingers? Maybe the sponge technique qill be easier for this young lady! If not, try ordering the bottle online at www.petsmart.com or www.petco.com

Good luck!
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