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Too crazy about my cats?

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I was just wondering if any of you were accused of the same thing.....being too talkative about your cats. I just LOVE my babies so much that I can't seem to stop talking about them. I'm a proud Momma! I'm am so delighted with them and really have developed such a strong bond with both of them that I can't help it. I've been told that I'm out of control. Are these people mad?......I just couldn't imagine anyone else not loving their babies as much.
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I have also been accused of it - I think we all have at one point or another! I consider it a compliment and perfectly normal - so there...
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It's good that you love your pets! Just not everybody shares your enthusiasm.

WE do tho', so feel free to babble to us as much as you like! We lurve to hear about kitties and see pictures.
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I think anyone who has ever showed pictures of kids/vacation etc is fair game. I am fortuante that the people I work with think that my cats are one of my many interesting quirks. (at least that is what they tell me to my face - uhm?)
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I think my pictures may be ready today....there might even be a person or 2 in this batch! :LOL:
(probably not tho...just the kitties!)
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Hahahaha - Yup I get that all the time!! With strangers Im usually pretty quiet... but if they happen to bring up "pets" then hold on.... cos Im TALKING!!!! hahahahah!!!
OMG Cleo!! I know what you mean!! All my films of photos are of the cats... about two in each pack have a person in!!! hahah.... Same goes for all the digi photos on my comp..... 99% cats!! hahaha... I love my hubby too though of course!!!!
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I get told all the time that I talk to much about my cats and horse, my dad is forever telling me to be quiet
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Yeah I get that alot, but I'm lucky in that my friends just also happen to be cat/pet lovers too! :LOL: I don't trust people who don't like animals.

I think people who say you're too crazy about your babies are just jealous because they've never enjoyed that kind of animal-human bond.

Sunlion's right; we love babbling on about them like you do and we love pictures! yes, pictures, pictures, pictures!!
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Any "real" cat person is like that...just so you don't think you're the only one that's nuts...we all are! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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