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5 years from now...

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what will you be doing ? make a prediction, please do not preface with "i really don't know but..." believe me, that's understood.

i'll be 26.

i'll be finishing or nearing the end of my university career.

i'll be financially learned (have a head for money, saving money, investing money...)
lord knows it's going to take a few years !

i'll be a non-smoker.

i'll be living in a different city.

i'll be thinking about marriage & children.

i'll be a carpenter.

i'll be a yoga instructor.

i'll have traveled to at least 2 other countries.

i'll be physically fit.

i'll be a published author.


where do you imagine yourself in 5 years ?

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still kicking your a$$ on this board, blue....

and running some school. Lord help all of you.
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In 5 years I'll be more financially secure after spending the last 5 years maxing out my 401K and a Roth IRA, and feeling pretty good about my financial future.

still loving my job

a better cook

have made my own dishes, bowls, coffee cups, all my kitchen flatware. It's a big project I'm going to undertake as soon as I find the right design.

More well traveled. Want to go back to the east and this time see China and Japan, as well as hitting as much of the western world as possible.

Hopefully becoming more involved in the actual recording process that an artist goes through.

that's all I can think of!
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still kicking your a$$ on this board, blue....

in other words, you'll still be delusional ? :chicken:
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And have a good career in the medical field OR working with abused children.

I will have a second horse, Racer will be pulling a cart in parades to advertise our knife business.

We will be living somewhere else than here, and my book will be published
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OR working with abused children

me too, that's where my heart is.
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Originally posted by blue
in other words, you'll still be delusional ? :chicken:
yes, and i think i will change the color of the padding on these walls.....
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that's a good idea, Deb, psychotics need a little diversity
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that's why I'm here.....
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i will also be a fabulous gardener

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hopefully, I'll be a mom!
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Hopefully, I'll be an empty nester!
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Well, I'm getting married later this year, so in five years, I'd just like to be running around after a couple of kids and still working part-time doing my soon-to-be-husband's company accounts.

I never was very ambitious
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First of all, I'll be 42, so menopause will be an issue (or becoming one anyway).

My daughter will be 10 (won't that be fun? Both of us having hormones flare up at the same time)

I'd like to have the endocrine / thyroid stuff under control and go back to working out regularly. (The lack of effect of working out is discouraging, but seems to be related to the larger health issues.)

I hope to be working on art or writing of some kind, hopefully in an office or at least a room of my own

I plan to still have my kitties and sugar glider

I'd like to be in a house rather than an apartment. I want a second floor and a garden.

I dream of finishing my college by then, but I don't see us having the money for that, though maybe it will be underway by then.

It would be nice to finally figure out what I want to do with my life. Or maybe it isn't that important, I've just been brainwashed by our achievement-oriented society.
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Five years from now both my children will be in school which means I can go back to work in the banking field.

I will have my house half paid off, and we will have completed the renovations we want to do such as a new bathroom and a finished basement.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary. My children will be 10 and 7 years old, and much more "self sufficient".

I will have been able to do some traveling again, hopefully to the east and to the Carribbean.

I will be as healthy and happy and fulfilled as I am today.
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In five years...

I hopefully will still only have two children (if I can just get hubby in for that vasectomy!)

Both my kids will be in school (hallelujah!)

I'll be more involved in the ladies' ministry at church

I'll have a prosperous business in pet-sitting

I'll still be happily married and looking forward to my husband coming home each night
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I'll be 36

Hopefully parenting human children (my own or thru adoption) with my cat children

Working at the same job, but hopefully only part time.

Fit & healthy

Happily married (still)

Viewed as a goddess by my co-workers for my on the job brilliance (just joking - maybe)

Ruler of a smaller tropic nation were the islanders refer to me as "Your Mighty One" (I'm thinking outside of the box - way outside of the box)
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In 5 years I will be 41, and have an almost 5 year old son or daughter.

I will hopefully have a different job...one that I like alot better....

My car will be paid off, and our other house will be paid off (it's my hubby's house that he had when I met him)

And I will have made some more improvements on THIS house, like expanding the kitchen area, maybe.

I will have lost all the extra weight from the baby....lol

I will be able to post my own pictures on the catsite, and have met a few of my friends from here as well!!
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Turning 40 was okay, I didnt really spaz out as much as I thought I might!
41 was another story! I think turning 40, I felt like "wow, I made it! I'm 40!" But 41 was/is more like "OMG I'm in my 40's!!!"

Isn't it funny how when you're 12, you cant wait to be 13 and be a Teenager. Then at 17 you can't wait to be the "adult" age of 18. Then it seems like you'll never ever turn the "legal age" of 21. Then you start dreading birthdays....30, 40...UGH! We can't wait to get older, then when we do, we fight like hell to stay young!
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I'll be 38

Be flourishing in my video production business in Portland, OR

Whisky will be 14 and Oliver will be 8

Will have or almost completed my restoration of a 1970 Dodge Superbee 440 sixpack!

Hopefully be married (not sure on kids at the moment)
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I'' be 30

Fluffy will be 9, Cinnamon will be 9, Tigger will be 6, Gizmo will be 5, and Scooter will be 5.

Hubby and I will both have great jobs & we won't have credit card debt.

The car will have 1 more year & then it will be paid off (7 yr. loan)

We will have kids ...... I think? (not that I don't want them ... just not NOW)
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I will be the big 3-0!! ACK!!

My daughter will nearly be a teenager! and my son will be in the double digits!!

My cats will all be adults and we will be out of 'kitten phase' :laughing:

I will not be renting anymore, but will have built my dream house

I will have met in person my cyber- buddies and we will have great memories from Mardi Gras

I will be working at a job I love

I will have finally bought a brand new car

I will have seen at least a couple of my favorite singing artists in concert and my CD collection wil be second to none :laughing:
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First off, Melissa ~ your 30's will be better than your 20's any day!

I'll be 37.

Spawn will be 8 1/2, and probably just as cantankerous and snotty as she is right now. (and I'll love her even more.)

My daughter will be 18 (!) and will more than likely be going to a school somewhere to train to be an FBI agent. (That's what she wants to do! I think it's COOL!)

I'll have FINALLY completed college and be a fully certified CPA.

My Jeep will be 4 years paid off, but I'll have taken on a Corvette payment.

Don't know if I'll be single or married, but I'll be happy one way or the other.

The only "bad" point I can think of is the guinea pigs' life expectancy isn't quite long enough for them to be with me... so I'll probably be mourning their demise.
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Jin- not sure about the 30's being better than the 20's...I had more fun in my early 20's than now..so I'm assuming it only gets worse :laughing2
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Melissa, it's more a matter of 'coming into your own', than anything. Of course... it's different for everyone, so who am I to say you'll like it better!
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Well, I sure hope thats true. I turn 26 this summer and I'm none to happy about it..I've lived over a quarter of a century I've already started looking into wrinkle cream and age defying products (not that I have any wrinkles yet..but its never to early to start! ) Is there a support group for this kind of thing?? :laughing2
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That's weird! I had a really hard time with '27'. I thought I was headed for the old folk's home! :LOL: Yet, when I was about to turn 30, I was fine! Now it doesn't bother me... but then again I'm in my 'early' thirties... can't wait to see how bad I freak out when I'm in my 'late' thirties!
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Wait till you turn 30!! I had just moved away from family and friends in California to live in Portland on my own. I was pretty lonely when Nov. 3 rolled around!! Oh, my 20's were MUCH better than what my 30's are like so far!! I would say from 24 through 29 were the best years for me because that is when I met alot of people going clubbing (nightclubs)! I still talk to a few of them.
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Turning 30 didn't bother me at all....however I'm not too thrilled with the fact that I will be 37 on my next birthday...that's just too darn close to 40. Where the heck did the time go?????

When I was young, I thought that if you were 40, you had one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel... :laughing:
Gotta rethink my thinking!!!! hahaha
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5 years from now I will be 24 and hopefully I will be done with school, have had my wedding (I'm already married, but we didn't have the ceremony yet...we're saving up the money for it ) and traveled to a country that I want to see.
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