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Who do you look like ? Your MOM or your DAD ? (or grandmother, uncle, etc ?)

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a lot of people think or used to think when i was younger that i look a lot like my mom,
but, i'm inclined to think the similarities between my brother and me are a lot stronger.

my sister looks like she could be a distant relative *at best* most of the time -
though over the past year or so i am starting to notice more & more alikeness...

and my father, eh... some parts, maybe.

i'll post pics when i can, and you can tell me

what about you ? who do you think you look most like ?

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Katie- I actually look like both my dad and stepdad..nature v. nurture? However, my brother and my stepbrother look more related to each other than anyone else! My lil' sis favors me greatly...;lucky girl hehe
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I'm adopted, but I always looked like my mom and people would be surprised when they found out she wasn't my 'birth' mother. We both have brown hair, and i have blue eyes and hers were green.

Then I found my birth mother and OMG, I'm the spitting image of her. Tomorrow I'll have a co-worker scan a photo and I'll post it.
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I think I look more like my dad than anyone else in my family. We have the same eyes and mouth.

My kids looked exactly like their Dad when they were babies, but my daughter is turning out to look more like me as she gets older. Comparing my sons baby pics to his Dads, you'd never know it wasn't the same kid
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I would love to see a pic Colby!
Might be a fun idea to post family,mother/daughter, father/son, or sibling pics. (well, fun except for digging out the old family pictures that is!)
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I know I favor my mother. I'd post a picture, but I'd like for this board to remain an enjoyable experience for me. It's hanging by a thread as is.
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I don't look particularly like either parent, but my brother and I look so much alike it's scary, especially now that we are both adults (I'm 30, he's 22) and I quit colouring my hair and cut it really short. We inherited almost all the same genes from each parent.

While I was visiting them at Christmas, I was looking at some pictures my parents took, and was surprised to see a picture of myself taken in the woods that fall. Surprised, because I hadn't been there or worn those clothes; it turned out to be a pic of my brother, but since he was bundled up in cold-weather hunting clothes and wearing a toque, it was hard to tell the difference. We stand in exactly the same way, tilt our heads at the same angle, get the same expressions on our faces...

I seem to have inherited my mother's laugh and her mangled feet (no high heels for me...), and my father's penchant for cleaning up after other people and chicken-scratching an illegible signature.
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Now of course my folks have been deceased since 1984, so I'm working from memory and pictures, but . . .

From about the middle of my face up, I look like my dad. And from there down, I look like my mom. There are a few details - like I have mom's widow's peak hairline and dad's crossbite - but that's what I recall. Used to be, if I stood next to my mom everyone said how much I looked like her, but if I was with dad they said I looked like him.

Of course, they both had dark hair, dark eyes, similar complexions, wore glasses, etc. so they looked somewhat like each other.

What's really odd is, my daughter was born 12 years after mom died, and she not only has mom's eyes and eyebrows, but she does this thing with her mouth when she's aggravated that my mom did. I know it's genetic because they've never met (unless they met in heaven, which I wouldn't know either way).
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My brother has a similar tendency to take after my grandfather. They were only on the earth together for about 3 years, and didn't spend more than a few weeks a year in each others' company, but my brother often stands in exactly the same way as my grandfather, with his hands tucked behind his back and leaning slightly forward, and sleeps with his hands behind his head in the same way as well. It's got to be genetic...
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My birth mother and myself
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My dad's eyes & attitude
My mom's body/face shape
My grandmother's hump (it is a neck thing)
My grandfather's love to hug
Other grandmother's absentmindedness.
Never knew my other grandfather - he died before I was born & out of the picture long before that.
My aunt's peace loving nature.
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Wow, AP, you two do look a lot alike. That's a great pic too!
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WOW, AP you two look like sisters!

At first glance people say I look a lot like my mom, but when you take a closer look and compare traits I'm really about 50/50 from each of them. My eyes are probably the most unique trait that's like this. I have a two tone eye color; one color I get from my father and the other I get from my mother.
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I look mostly like my mom, especially before she got a bit heavy and when I had my hair short. Mom and Dad also tell me I look a lot like my mom's sister, who we don't really know. I inherited my great grandma's tendency to worry all the time. I don't look much like my dad, but I did get his hair texture, which is good since my mom's is coarse.
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I think I am a good mix of both. I have a lot of my mom's mannerisms and features though.
There are 5 of us siblings, and my sister and two older brothers are very similar, all with dark hair and dark eyes. And me and my youngest brother are very much alike, blond hair and green eyes. My mom can't tell our baby photos apart anymore.

As for my kids, my daughter looks a lot like hubby, but has my coloring. My son looks more like me I think.
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AP - you and your mum really look so alike - both extreamly pretty.

People say I look like my dad.
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Thanks guys

She was 17 when she had me, so there isn't a huge age difference. I wish I could find a good pic of my mom (adopted) and myself, but she got sick when I was 14, and most pictures after that she didn't look like herself But I did look like I was really her daughter, and I always knew I was really her daughter. I miss her so much

It's been such a strange journey for me, finding Carmen (my birth mother) that is. I have 4 half siblings, and none of them look anything like her. There are some pics of us, taken seperately at different time in our lives, that we look like the same person. It's very very odd.

I love this subject!!!! I love reading everyones posts. It's great to learn a little bit more about each other.
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AP, I just wanted to say that I think its great you have your birth mom in your life as well as the mom who raised you.

My mom and "biological" dad divorced when I was quite young and my mom remarried and started a new family with my dad. I used to see my "real" father, but he died in 1989 when I was only 14. My mom's husband basically adopted and raised me, and he is my true father. I was brought up with the "new" family, and never really knew anything different than they were mom and dad. But, I love knowing that I knew my biological dad too, and I have memories of him as well.

Oh, and its a great photo too Colby!
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You know, when I first found Carmen, it was really incredible. We went through a 'honeymoon' phase, and spoke on the phone numerous times a day.

Then I started to crash. One thing I never considered before I found Carmen, was how it was going to make me feel about my mom who died. I didn't think I could miss her anymore than I did, but finding Carmen only emphasized that loss, and I went through a lot of feelings of depression over it. Now it's weird for me to talk or visit with Carmen. The best analogy is this~

have you ever gone out on a date with someone and you've decided that you just want to be friends but you know they want 'more', and that made you uncomfortable? That's how it is with Carmen. At this point in my life I'm not interested in a deep relationship. It's too hard. I don't mind chatting every now and then, but I don't want anything substancial. It's difficult because she wants us to be as close as possible. We don't live in the same state so that presents it's own challenges. And in some ways, that's a blessing. Maybe at some point she'll be a bigger part of my life. At this time I'm operating on my timeline.

that's so wonderful that you were able to have a father figure in your life. I would love to see photos! It's always nice to be able to put a face to username
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I look like my Mom, but with my Dad's family height (very short genes...paternal grandmother 4'11, paternal grandfather 5'1") I am 4'10"..thank goodness my weight is in proportion to my height or I would look like a butterball...hehe

My son looked like my brother for the longest he hit purberty his voice changed and now on the phone people can't if my husband or my son, also the same with looks, they look very much alike.
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Colby.....what a great picture of you and your mom!!! You are both very beautiful!!
I look like my dad more than my mom, at least in my opinion.
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