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my kitties :D

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yes... so.. pictures .



(he looks evil XD)


i suck at taking pictures XD.
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There beautiful babies all of them, the pics are good to
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I love those pics!
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I have the same door and St. Patty's day beads as you! And I want your armiore (or whatever that piece of furniture is with the tin panels).

Cute kitties, too.
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So Adorable!
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Oh what beautiful furbabies!!!!!!
And Bandit has such unique markings!!
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Awwwwwwww!! They are cuties and the black one reminds me of a black cat I once had - tho he had a wee tiny spec of white under his chin.
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Oh good grief, what gorgeous babies you have
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You have very beautiful babies!
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Originally Posted by Surrender

i suck at taking pictures XD.
this cat is so gorgeous! & all of the pix were just fine - you do not suck
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what beautiful furrys! my 3 send head butts & belly rubs
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