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So worried about my Puss

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Okay Im really at a loss of who to turn to. My husband let my cat in this morning and hes urinating blood.

Only earlier this month we had our credit limit raised to pay for tickets for my husbands son because of joint custody, and it is already as far as it can go.

Ive done a little bit of research and he seems to have FLUTD.

Thats the only thing I can find anywhere that has that as a symptom. Otherwise hes completely normal. Its not causing him pain, hes not social or anti-social and right now hes sleeping on a chair next to me. Wich he does usually. Hes not refusuing food or water or petting. He looks very happy and contented as always and doesnt hesitate to get up or follow me around the house.

Im so worried because hes my best friend, he keeps me company all day long while my husband is at work and he has since he was a kitten. We have a connection like I never even knew possible and I know it would break my heart to lose him.

Please if anyones got any helpful advice that would be great Ive called my vet and shes said that she can TRY to get us a delayed payment so that we can come in tomorrow morning. I wanted to go in this afternoon but my husbands working late.
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I hope your cat will be okay. Keep us posted what the vet says.
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The only advice I have is to take him to the vet..I sure hope that your vet is able to help you out in the money department.
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Poor Puss! I hope you are able to work something out!
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