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Behavior or Ill?

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Ok..as many of you know, I am a teacher. One of our kids at school (ADAM) has a cat (HARRY). Adam and family adopted Harry a few months ago from the local shelter. They had seen Harry on a story on TV- Harry's previous owner had him declawed. The vet messed it up and they had to amputate Harry's leg. ADAM ADOPTED HARRY THIS WAY!!!!! At any rate, Harry does not always use the litter box. The family has a 15 yr. old cat that gets along w/Harry fine. Harry has no difficulty getting around. The household has 2 litter boxes- though both cats have access to both. Adam's mom says that Harry will use the box for 2-3 days, then urinated next to it on day 4. Any advice? Mom seems certain that the kitty doesn't have any UTI problems. They clean the boxes daily too...thanks in advance. Adam is very stressed, doesn't want to have to get rid of Harry...
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It's wonderful that Adam and his family took in this special little cat!!
For 10 years we had two cats in our home. Snowball was the dominent cat, and shared a litter box with Midnight, now deceased, usually with no problems. Very occasionally, there seemed to be a territarial(sp?) issue involving Midnight using the litter box because Snowball would try to interfere with her while she was using it. Maybe there are similiar issues between the cats in Adam's home? A checkup at the veterinary clinic just to be safe would be the best thing for Harry!
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As usual, a vet check is always a good idea, you wouldn't want a urinary problem going very long.
It could be behavioral with the declaw. I would have them try a litter that may be a little better suited for a declawed cat. I would have them try the feline pine or the crystals and see if it helps.
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