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Rocket burned his paw

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I hope this isn't one of those "comes in threes" deals. Rocket jumped up on the stove while I was heating up a burner and stepped on the burner and burned a paw pad. I thought he was in the other room and turned around to get the pot out of the cabinet and when I turned back, there he was. I think I made it worse, because I lunged for him, and he flinched, which put him in contact with the burner for a half second longer. He's got some singed hair and one paw pad burned. The surface of the pad has an open wound about 1/8 inch wide.

I ran cold water over it for several minutes (which I'm sure was 10 times as traumatic for him as the burn itself, struggling with me to get away.) Then put topical antibiotic ointment on it and wrapped it thoroughly in self-stick first-aid wrap to keep it clean and so he wouldn't lick it.

Tomorrow, I'll evaluate it and decide if he needs to go to the vet. I probably wouldn't go to the doctor for a burn like that. But he's a cat, and he doesn't know not to use it for scratching in the litter and so forth.

Anybody here have an experience with a cat that burned a paw pad on a stove? What should I be looking for in terms of complications, healing, treatment, etc? Thanks....
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Awwwwwwww I have no advice for you but I hope Rocket feels better very soon. Poor baby that has to hurt.
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its best just to take a vet for an injury, it make look fine to you but request some medical exam.
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I think that's good advice. I'll call tomorrow. It's an open wound, after all, even if it's very small. It could get infected.
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Poor puss! I don't think he'll be going near the burner any time soon though!
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Ouch!!! Poor baby!!
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Awww, poor Rocket!

Yeah, I'd have him checked by the vet as well. Burns are tricky things and they can go bad fast.

Sending healing vibes to Rocket.
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I now how scary that is! Max stepped on the toaster oven the other day when it was on, and burned his paw. Poor baby! I ran it under water, and he seems fine now. Then again, it wasn't an open wound, and he has a lot of fur on his paws, so he's ok. I think if your kitty has an open wound, especially on his paw, it needs to be checked by a vet, just to make sure everything will heal okay.
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Poor little guy!, I hope he feels better soon
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Thanks for your advice and well-wishes!!

My regular vet is on vacation this week. I had a little discussion with the office manager, and learned that the only thing my vet could do that I'm not already doing myself is to prescribe antibiotics as a precaution against infection. And she said that's a judgment call whether to prescribe now as prevention or to wait for signs of an infection. (In retrospect, I don't think Tommy needed the antibiotics he got when his tail was injured.)

This morning when I changed Rocket's dressing his wound looks very good. Clean and much smaller. He kept his bandage on all night.

My backup vet is open Saturday mornings. So, I'm going to just wait until tomorrow and then evaluate further. I can always take him in tomorrow morning. But if we can keep it clean, I think he'll be alright.
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Rocket...we are sending healing vibes your way.
Please stay out of trouble & let us know how you are doing.

Sadie, Dexter & Lei
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Poor baby, I hope that he's doing okay!
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This morning when I changed the bandage I discovered large blisters on the plantar pad. So he'd been burned more extensively than I thought at first with just the small wound on the outer digital pad. Even though it was looking clean, I took him to a vet. Just so I could get confirmation that I was treating correctly and also find out what I could expect during the healing process. Basically the vet looked at it and said it was coming along fine and it was too early to tell if there would be any complications. So to just keep doing what I've been doing and watch for infection. He says a burn on the pad heals like a burn on the skin. The blister will slough off and new tissue will grow from underneath.

I've now taken one or another of my cats to three different vets. It amazes me to see their different reactions at the vet. Two of the vets are typical city small-animal practices. My regular vet is a cats-only practice. At the cats-only clinic my cats are calm and relaxed, curious about their surroundings, and readily come out of their carrier to see the vet. At the other two vets, my cats are afraid and/or freaked out, want to stay in their carrier, and put up a big fight with both me and the vet to get anything done. I wonder: is it the smell of dogs in those two that makes the difference in behavior? Interesting....
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I'm glad to hear Rocket is doing okay and that the vet says he will heal.

My cats simply hate being taken anywhere outside the apartment. They become full of anxiety and meow incessantly when I put them in their carriers. It breaks my heart.

I will, however, look for a cat-only clinic given your cats' more positive reaction to that versus the other type of vet.
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Poor, Rocket! Kisses to your sweet little paw from Sierra, Serenity, and me!

I agree it's really fascinating to observe our babies' reactions to different Vets and Vet clinics.
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I hope Rocket's paw gets better soon.
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Still sending healing vibes to Rocket.
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I made a little "sock" for Rocket's paw out of something I found at Walgreen's called "tubular gauze." It helps to keep the bandage on and the dirt out. He tries to shake it off and licks at it, but it stays on pretty good....most of the time, anyway.

post #19 of 25 are taking such good care of Rocket's paw.
I'm sure that he will be good as new in no time.
Your bandage covering is really creative.
Thanks for sharing the photo.
Rocket is a very handsome cat.
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Tim...I was the last person to post on your Rocket thread. I am sure that others would like to see how your protected Rockets paw...thus this new post today. How is he doing? Please give us an update.
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Aww...Poor Rocket! I hope that he is feeling better soon! I think that it would be a smart idea for Rocket to go on some antibiotics. Burns are very prone to infection. I don't know how much this would cost, but I think that it would be a good idea. A kitty with an infected burn might be pretty sore for a couple of days if not on antibiotics.

Get well soon Rocket!!

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PS...I LOVE the homemade bandage!! Very creative!!
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When I got up this morning, I discovered Rocket had removed his sock and bandage during the night. On Monday the vet told me that if there was no more drainage, I could just let him go without. And that's the way it looked this morning ... nicely dried out and scabbed over. So today was his first full day without the sock and bandage and he's been walking on the paw just fine. He's even been exercising his nails on the scratching posts. So right now it looks like we're healing up just fine!! Thanks all for your well-wishes, concern and advice!!
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I am glad Rocket's paw is doing so much better!
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Oh gee I bet that hurt when he did it, I'm glad it's getting well
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