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Cat Food Question

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Hello everyone!! I know Ive read threads on cat food before but from someone who has not owned cats as an adult I have no knowledge of what is good to feed her. She was eating Science Diet for kittens so thats what she is eating now. I didnt want to change her and cause her any problems. But the previous owner had told me she was feeding her Iams so thats what I originally bought so I was going to mix the Science Diet with the Iams to introduce her to it, but now Im not so sure. Could everyone please give me your top 4 picks of cat food (dry) that you would feed your cats? Id rather her eat something healthy for her rather than cheapest/least expensive, but I also have five children and a dog to feed, not to mention the husband so I dont want to go extreme either.
Thanks so much!!!
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Innova-EVO is one of the best foods on the market today
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My kitties get Nutro. I know there's some other good ones out there, but I'm not real familiar with most of them. Comparing price to quality, I think Nutro is the best bet. Nutro is also pretty widely available, easier to find. My cats and dogs eat it.

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Thanks ladies for your input. I really appreciate it.........Anyone else?
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I first found out about Royal Canin, currently our forum sponsor, here. I have fed my cats RC for a couple of years now. I like it.
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there are several food threads you might want to check out... here, here & here - lots of discussion, etc. if you do a search for 'food' in the health & nutrition forum, you'll get back lots of hits.
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Heavens where to begin! I've been trying various "good" foods lately to see which ones our cats will eat.

I've discovered they don't like Science Diet or Royal Canin and are not particularly fond of Wellness - IMO all good quality foods.

Naturally they love the "junk" food.

I bought Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul last night, some Nutro and one other that I've forgotten the name of right now. Hopefully they will like one or two of them.

They do NOT like seafood.

Also, I've been lucky that I give them different brands and they haven't had runny stool or any problems (keeping my fingers crossed for this latest round of trials).
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thanks...Im going to check out at the store tonight...
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Dog and cats all on Nutro here.
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I have found Chicken Soup to be by far the best quality food relative to cost. It is about half the cost per pound of Science Diet and has much, much better ingredients.
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My girls eat Innova! I thoroughly support and recommend Natura products!
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Serengeti, Felidae, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, and Nutro are Jamie's favorites. Innova is unfortunately no longer sold here, because the manufacturer didn't feel the export volume justified changing the packaging to meet the new EU regulations.
Since most cat food threads are in Health & Nutrition, I'm going to move this one there.
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Royal canin
Innova Evo
Califonia natural

the top two are easy to get
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I like Innova Evo, myself
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My top four - Flint River Ranch (which I usally don't list as it is expensive and you have to go through a distributor) is good, Nutro Natural Choice, California Natural Chicken and Rice, and I'm thinking maybe Innova EVO.
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