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Albon and Coccidia/vet no help

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Hello everyone,
I posted a post a very long time ago about how my Cat Bosley was sick with diarreah. I took him to the vet and found out that instead of 2 months he was 4 months(now 5months) Anyways, while there the vet said that he had Coccidia. He gave us 2oz of Albon and I was told to give him 11/4 ccs a day for nine days. After I finished with the Albon, about a week later we noticed that his symptoms were back, but not as worse. I really think the Albon done a huge improvement and I just think that he needs a refill of this medication for furthur treatment. The vet charged us $80 for that visit which I didn't mind. The vet said that if this doesn't work call him back. I called vet back and he wants me to pay $65 to see him for probably a refill of Albon and appointment. Lasttime he was wormed and such making it $80. We really think that he needs more Albon treatment so we decided to buy the meds online ourselves. I read a post here saying that some cats can take Albon for up to a month. Is this true? We want to continue this medication but we aren't sure how long we can treat him for. The meds hasn't made him constipated, so we think this is a good sign. We can't afford to take my kitty to the Dr. again. But I love my baby and I really need some help. The vet didn't even tell us how contagious this virus was, therefore he could have caught it from his blankets and litter from his previous illness of coccidia. Sorry so long..I just want to provide you with as much info as possible. Thanks for reading. I really need your advice. Angel
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Here we recommend you dose your cat for 14 days!!
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My Marlee just finished her dose last week. She only took it for seven days, which in her case was good b/c shes a little constipated now. But I'm sure some kittys can have it worse than others, so I don't think there would be a problem. But I have an idea for you....look in your phone book, online, etc. and see if you have an Animal Medical Clinic in your area. Its like a pet version of the health department, if that makes sense. The prices are much cheaper! That is where I go (I'm a college student) and I love it! All of the vets there are super nice, and don't treat me like I'm stupid for asking lots of questions, and calling anytime I'm worried or have more questions. When she got vaccinated and her first check up, only 20 dollars. Each time since, the most expensive has only been $18 and thats when I got the weeks worth of Albon. So its an option you may be able to look into! Good luck, and I hope your kitten gets to feeling better.
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Go to another vet - This one clearly only cares about profits rather than the animals.

Trust me - You are better off travelling a little further to get a better vet, they can make all the difference to an animals well being.
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When we bought Garfield and took him home he started pooping blood!!
Found out he had the worst case of coccidia that my vet had ever seen!!!
While the Albon oral helped... I found that when 2 weeks passed and he wasn't cured my vet gave him an Albon shot!! BOOM... next day MAJOR IMPROVMENT!!! My albon oral was only $15.00 a bottle. And that lasted 2 weeks. I think you were way overcharged. the albon shot was a the same price. 1 shot cost me about $15.00.

Go to a different vet and explain how long he has been on Albon oral and ask for an Albon shot.

Please let me know how your precious baby is doing.

And just hang in there. I know how frustrating this is!!! VERY!!
Everything will be just fine.
You are a wonderful kitty owner for caring in the first place!!

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9 days is the minimum recommended treatment length for Albon. I always do at least 21 days.

I agree - find a different vet. While it is not legal for a vet to write a prescription without seeing the animal, there is no reason why refills could not be allowed.

Albon is a very inexpensive drug so you shouldn't be paying too much for it. Some practices have a minimum pharmacy charge (where I work if you have a prescription dispensed the charge is $12 *or* the cost of the script, whichever is more, because it takes us techie types about as long to fill a prescription regardless of the drug's cost and that time has to be compensated), so $15 isn't unreasonable. Much more than that, though, and I would start to ask questions.
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I would go to another vet also.
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