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Clutzy kitten

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So, Rowan has always been clutzy. Like, he'll jump before he thinks, or fall over batting at a toy. It's endearing, but is it serious? He falls rather often, not generally from very high, but he doesn't always land on his feet.

I'm building ladders and window perches this weekend, and that ought to help a lot, but I'm worried about my baby boy. It's gotten a lot worse since I clipped his claws, but I had to, or my legs would be ripped to shreds by now. On that note, how long does it take a kitten to get used to jumping high enough, rather than just going for it and clawing the rest of the way up? I know he can jump high enough, he just doesn't aim properly a lot of the time.

He's been to a vet, and had a clean bill of health (and he'll be going back on Tuesday for more shots), but I just don't know what questions to ask to make sure that everything's ok. I've never had a cat who was less than graceful.
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how old is your kitten? My kitten is 7 weeks old and hes pretty klutzy also with jumping and running. He deffinately likes to jump before he thinks, so far ive seen him jump against the side of a plastic basket because he hurried, he also was runnin and jump down off my bed to quickly and landed on his side. If he is fairly young, then its probably no big deal, probably still getting used to jumping and balancing.
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Rowan is... maybe 13 weeks? He was a stray, so I don't have a birthdate for him. His front teeth came in last week, though, and the vet said that happened around 12 weeks.

Bella, my other kitten, is only four weeks older, but she wasn't so clutzy when she was younger.
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cats are all different, so its probably nothing to be worried about. cat jumping at bad times isnt as klutzy as my cat little guy, parents said he ran fully into a closed glass door because he got scared of another cat outside, some cats are just dingier than others.
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Rocky was pretty klutzy as a kitty. The first night he climbed up the sofa arm and slid off. However it didn't stop him from attempting the cat tree that night. He is still more klutzy than most cats. He will be laying on the couch, and start rolling around, and all of a sudden fall off. He acts like he meant to do it though. I think some are just more klutzy than others!
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Yeah... I forgot to mention how Rowan doesn't understand that chairs have edges. He always tries to roll over, and ends up rolling off.

When he was a lot younger, he walked very clutz-ily, but he's grown out of that. I was just hoping that he'd grow out of falling at the same rate.

Eh... seven feet is the farthest he can fall, so he'll probably be just fine. I guess I'm just worried because I'm clutzy due to vision problems.
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