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I'm glad she's home from surgery and with you. I'll be sending up many prayers for sweet Jasmine.

Originally Posted by greenlawnracing
Well shes home from surgery...half of her side is shaved. She is pretty tame right now..she has a long recovery in front of her. She had to have a tube in her throat for two days.

She hasn't been moving around too much, but last night she busted down the cat door I keep on my bedroom door. (allows her to come and go as she pleases) It was locked cause the vet said she shouldn't be moving much, but she broke through it! I had to block it w/ a suitcase today.

For some reason she's been hanging out in the sink all day. Usually she opts fo the heated cat bed. I have to leave town again tonight until Sun but my roomate will be here. I haven't gotten the results from the biopsy yet, but I'm praying that its not cancer.
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I'm glad that she seems to be doing a little better. Good luck, and I'll say a prayer.
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Good luck for the results. Poor little Jasmine.
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Jasmine, girl, you are loved. Please get well. Prayers to you.
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Well, its been almost a year since I've been on this site.

Jazz has done ok after the surgery. They found out it wasn't cancer, but an inflamation of the lungs that was just as serious. She's been on inhalers and other treatments since then. She did slightly better for a while, and has progressed poorly in the last few months.

Friday I took her to the vet for a six month follow up. Shes lost a lot of weight and is struggling to breathe even more. The vet said the car ride was really hard on her and he didn't want to do any x rays or blood work because she just can't handle that stress. He said she probably only has a few months left.

Shes been bad since we got home. That car ride must have been bad. She's breathing hard and isn't eating. I just left a message for the vet to see what they think.

I don't want to face it, but this could be it. Hopefully shes just stressed from the car ride still and will start eating again.

I obviously don't know any of your, but want to thank you as fellow cat owners for your prayers and support.
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I am so sorry that it isn't looking good for her, but she has had longer than you initially thought, and hopefully it has been a good time. She looks like she has similar markings to my PEbbles in that pic, and she is lovely. i have everything crossed for you
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I am so sorry to hear this news about sweet Jasmine. God bless you and hugs to you. Prayers for you, Jasmine.
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Thanks for the good words. Shes real up and down right now.....she'll lie normal for a while, then she'll start open mouth breathing again, then normal. I tried to give her some medicine, but it really stressed her out again. I just need her to start eating. I'm waiting on the vet to call me back still.........
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Prayers and vibes for both of you!
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Jazz is so pretty, and I'm sorry to learn she isn't doing well. I'll keep you and her in my thoughts and prayers, and please update us about her condition.
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More vibes and prayers for Jazz. Don't lose hope. Last year you weren't even sure she'd live 2 months and she is still here. Keep praying and give her lots and lots of love. Love has amazing healing powers.
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Unfortunately I know what you are going through, My Bella has lung cancer and it has now reached 2 of her legs one was amputated, it's just a matter of time now. I will remember your sweet girl and you in my prayers, lately that's all I do is pray.
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Sending lots of vibes and well wishes for you and Jazz ........
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I just talked to my friend that is a vet tech, and she told me to try some warm tuna.

I gave her some and she ate a little!

She's definitely acting weird........she was lying down in the litter box before I gave her the food.

Maybe shes gonna get some energy back!
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Well.........its over.

Jasmine passed away last night.

I spent the entire day with her yesterday.....watching her, trying to take care of her, induce her to eat, etc.

She seemed to be making some progress in the afternoon and evening. I was waiting to talk to the vet today. I knew I'd probably have to put her down, but I was hoping for better news.

Last night I laid in bed with her for a while, and petted her while she was breathing heavy as usual. When I woke up this morning, she was curled up in one of her favorite spots. When I noticed she wasn't breathing hard, thats when I knew.

I hope she went peacefully. I was trying to make a decision as to whether or not putting her down was the best thing for her.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and support. I miss her a great deal, but I'm glad that I got the last year with her.
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so sorry for your loss ive lost two cats in the past the grief is overwelming my prayers and thoughts are with you x
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Oh I am so sorry, I hope you can take comfort that she's painfree now. This pain is so real and I know it all too well, my heart goes out to you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss and I know how painful it is. But may it give you some comfort to know that Jazz spent her last hours with the person she loved more than anything else in this world, and you were probably the last thing she was aware of when she passed away.

This is just my opinion, but since she was still curled in one of her favorite spots, she probably passed in her sleep without any pain.

I'm going to PM one of the mods for you and ask them to move this thread to the Crossing The Bridge forum.
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Out of respect for Jasmine, and the deep loss to her owner who loves her, I will close this thread. Please feel free to pay your respects in her in Crossing the Bridge.
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