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Please say a prayer for Jasmine  

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My cat of 7 years that I got my sophomore year of college is very sick. I am currently waiting at the restaurant down the street from the vet. She has had breathing trouble so I took her to the vet and it turns out that she might have lung cancer. I took her in today after all the blood tests came back negative and they did a traheal wash and used a needle to try and get a sample of her lungs. It looks like she has cancer and may only have a few months left, but even worse she is having trouble recovering from the tests. She is in an oxygen cage with 20% O2 waiting right now. We have to wait a few hours to see if she can come home tonight. I was on the internet researching feline lung cancer and found your site - seems like a lot of you have experienced similar issues.

Please keep my best friend in your thoughts. From school to girlfriends to moving to my first job she has always been with me - good times and bad. I just want her be strong and recover so we can have her final few months together in comfort.



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Sending lots of good vibes to you and your best friend!
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oh Rich, I am so sorry to hear about little Jasmine - sending lots and lots of (((GET WELL VIBES)))) your way from across the ocean. I am glad you have found us here as there is a wealth of knowledge to be found on these boards and also a wealth of support...

stay strong sweet Jasmine, be a fighter

please keep us updated
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Rich, I am praying for Jasmine and will continue to do so until you tell us she is well.
Feel better soon, precious Jasmine!

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I am praying for you and sweet Jasmine. Please keep us updated.
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{{{get well vibes for Jasmine}}}
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Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Jazz was slightly better than I thought.....the vet called me at 3 and said that she wasn't recovering well and that he might have to put her down. He said if she did get better I'd be able to pick her up around 8. He was supposed to call me at 5.

I went over there at 6 since I hadn't even heard from him and it turned out she was ready to be discharged! She is breathing heavy still, but she is somewhat active. As I watch her right now, she just jumped off my bed to eat something....the first time in two days!! She only took a bite.....but its a start!

Its very heartbreaking.......she most likely has cancer and its only a matter of time....but I'm glad that the time wasn't tonight and that she'll have a couple of good months with me.

Thank you again for keeping Jazz in your thoughts......shes been my daughter for so long I'm just so attached to her!
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I'm so glad that Jasmine is back with you tonight and that she is eating. I will keep you and Jasmine in my prayers.
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I am so sorry for the probable diagnosis, it is one I had to deal with, with my sweet Mervat <RB> (a princess in the truest sense of the word). I am glad she was able to come home with you tonight.
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You and Jasmine will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so glad Jasmine is home with you tonight! I am absolutely continuing to pray for your sweet little girl!
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I just came home for lunch and to see my little girl and she ate half of a bowl this morning! I'm so happy for my baby!

Thanks again for keeping Jazz in your thoughts and my prayers go out to all of you that have posted about similar situations.

How do I post a pic of her here?
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I`m so glad you got to bring your baby home with you and that she is doing better with being able to eat.
Let us know when the tests come back....I`m praying she does`nt have cancer!
We`d love to see her picture on here...but i`m sorry i can`t tell you how to post one...I have`nt figured that out yet myself.
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I will definitely be praying for your sweet baby Jasmine too. It's wonderful that her appetite is picking up so quickly, that's a good sign and it will help make her stronger. I pray too that the diagnosis is wrong--I was once told by a vet that my beloved Malkin (RIP) had a terrible disease and would die within probably weeks. Well, she was wrong!! Malkin lived well for YEARS after that diagnosis--until the age of 17 in fact! So I will be hoping and praying for the very best for your baby. And you know, Jasmine has something else going in her favor which is VERY important--that is you and your love for her! Love can achieve amazing results--I've seen it happen in my own life and with my own cats. Sending hugs to you and your sweet baby. God bless--you are both in my prayers.
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You and sweet Jasmine are in my thoughts and prayers.
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the way i post pix is this: go to www.photobucket.com & set up a free account. then upload your pix there. after uploading, you'll see some tags under your pix. highlight & copy the one that starts & ends with [IMG][/IMG] below is an example, but without the first [ so you'll see the code & not the picture. IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v383/laureen227/sig9-05.jpg[/IMG]
Paste this line of code into your post, & preview the post - voila! your pic is there! if it's too big, you can resize it in photobucket, but you'll need to log out after resizing to see the change.
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awww!!!! I pray your Jasmine gets better! Bless her heart!!!
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Rich, I'm praying for a miracle! Lots of good health vibes for Jasmine and prayers that the cancer will go into remission for many, many years.
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Do you think there is a chance the diagnostic is wrong? What about those herbal treatments I've been reading about on the internet? A scam, or does anybody know of a sucess story?

She hasn't eaten anything since I came home at noon, but she seems to be ok. She has a bandage on her leg I need to take off, but I don't want to upset her so I might wait until tomorrow.

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Rich, that is good you got to bring her home.{{{more get well vibes for Jasmine}}}
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Jasmine is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I don't know anything about the herbal treatments but someone else on this site should get back to you on that. Jasmine will continue to remain in my prayers.
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what a darling! prayers and hugs being sent!
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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and little Jasmine. Feel better kitty!!

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Well mixed responses from Jazzy today.

She has been eating a fair amount and has been pretty active. I played phone tag with the vet over the weekend and he will be back in tomorrow. I don't quite understand what he was saying.......he said something about the tracheal wash and needle aspirate having strange results....he had originally said that the initial results showed cancer, but they would have to send it off to the lab to be sure. Then he said the lab thought things looked normal, but they saw some bacteria in the culture.

I didn't want to get my hopes up, but to me it sounded like she got lucky and that .0001% chance of having something other than cancer came true. He might have also meant that they got no results from the tests and now I'll have to do a biopsy.

Jazz was doing great, but just a few minutes ago she starting coughing - the worst she has ever done. Kinda shot down my high as we have been hanging out and spending some serious QT together the last few days. I know its probably bad news.......but I just want my girl to have a couple of good months left.
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Keep getting better, Jazzy! I'm praying for you, precious little girl!
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HI there. Did the vet ever indicate that Jazzy may have something as simple as a respiratory infection...that could be treated with antibiotics? My prayers go out to little Jasmine in hopes that the diagnosis is good news!!! Mayeba second opinion wouldn't be a bad idea, prior to having a biopsy done? Just a thought

Get well Jazzy!!
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Well we never got anything solid from the tracheal wash and needle aspirate. The only way to find anything solid is a biopsy. I'm really nervous - she goes in tomorrow AM for the biopsy and then I leave town for work for two days. Its going to be very nerve racking. I still don't quit understand everything, but from what the vet told me we can't treat her for cancer as its not treatable, but we can't treat her for the possibility of a respitory infection if we don't have solid results since there are so many side effects.

This is one of the worst situations I've ever been in....please continue to keep Jazz in your thoughts and prayers.
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(((((vibes)))) for Jasmine!
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I hope Jasmine feels better soon
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Well shes home from surgery...half of her side is shaved. She is pretty tame right now..she has a long recovery in front of her. She had to have a tube in her throat for two days.

She hasn't been moving around too much, but last night she busted down the cat door I keep on my bedroom door. (allows her to come and go as she pleases) It was locked cause the vet said she shouldn't be moving much, but she broke through it! I had to block it w/ a suitcase today.

For some reason she's been hanging out in the sink all day. Usually she opts fo the heated cat bed. I have to leave town again tonight until Sun but my roomate will be here. I haven't gotten the results from the biopsy yet, but I'm praying that its not cancer.
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