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Valentines Day Stories...good or bad

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Anyone want to share stories of Valentines Days past?
Romantic, funny, sad, anything!

I have a few, but have to leave shortly, so will post when I have more time.

C'mon....dish! :laughing2

(I know Sabra has a good one!)
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My grandmother had all of over for dinner. She made a beautiful heart shaped cake with pink icing & red candy hearts. While we were all having a lovely dinner - my dog eat the dessert!

(ps - I wrote my hubby a poem for this Valentine's Day. If you want to see it it is in the paws & reflect section)
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Last Valentine's day that day started when my boyfriend (now husband) came over that morning after work while I was getting ready to go to work. He brought in one of those huge heart balloons that says "I Love Your" and he says to me "This is just the start of your day." Then that afternoon at work I get an arrangement of a dozen roses with two balloons delivered to work. Well I had told him days before that if we were going to go out to eat we should go right after I get off so that we beat the crowds; so he would need to meet me at my place after I got off. Well when I got home my apartment was filled with balloons and there was another arrangement of a dozen roses a big teddy bear, a gift, and two card (a huge jumbo one and a normal one). Of course I was ecstatic when I saw everything but since we were in a hurry I said we should exchange gifts after dinner. He said "Are you sure" and I said "Yes that I could wait." Then as we are just about to walk out the door he says "Are you really sure" so I said okay and I picked up the teddy bear. The teddy bear was holding a flower that formed a pocket and I looked inside and there was the ring. I was so excited and he got on his knee and asked and of course I said yes and he put the ring on my finger. You see he wanted me to wear the ring to dinner, that's why he really wanted me to open a gift. When we got back home I gave him his gift (cologne) and a card and I opened the gift that was on the table (a ruby pendant) and my cards.

I don't know if this really matters but I knew about the ring because I picked it out (he didn't want to chance getting me something I didn't like or that wouldn't look right on my hand - I have very thin fingers (I wear a 5 1/2) and a lot of rings just don't look good on my hand. But I had no idea when he was going to give it to me, I had picked it out months before then!
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What a beautiful story. Very romantic!
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Thank You! He's a sucker for Valentine's day, I think he likes it more than me. He's one of those guys that never forgets the important holidays and always does something really thoughtful. Unlike my ex-boyfriend who actually forgot my birthday after we had been together for 3 years!
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. . . which of course is why he's the EX-boyfriend . . .
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How do you women expect us to remember birthdays when you never look any older??
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Oh, geez, get the hip waders out . . .
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I sang with the Sourdough Chorus, a Sweet Adeline group. We used to do singing Valentines, get all dressed up in red and white, and for I think it was $25.00 someone could send 4 of us out to serenade their sweetheart. One year, we were sent to a convalescent hospital and asked to sing "Tell Me Why" "Scarlet Ribbons" and"Do I Love You?" to this 80 some year old man, so we arrive and begin to sing and when we got to the last song which was Scarlett Ribbons, he began to weep and asked who hired us. Before the leader could reply, this woman stepped into the room and it was his estranged daughter he hadn't seen in over 15 years. She had finally got back in touch with friends of his and found out where he was. He used to braid her hair in scarlet ribbons when she was a little girl and he taught her the song. Needless to say, we all were in tears by the time we left. It was a really special singing valentine day
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Awww geez, Mary Anne, there you go making me cry again

What a beautiful story
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Oh Wow! That one made me cry too...but it was a bittersweet cry, and I have to say Thank You MaryAnne because it was needed I think.

My Grandmother pretty much raised my brother and I because my mother had a lot of problems when I was growing up, and her and my dad were divorced when I was about 2. Gramma's birthday is March 2, and we always bought extra hearts and "Valentiney" stuff to add to her Birthday stuff, just because we were kids and it was fun and special.

The tradition held until her last Valentines day and birthday back in 1995. At that point, she was in a nursing home due to blindness, dementia, heart problems, acute arthritis, and several other health issues. I wanted her with me, but was unable to provide her with the care she needed, so the only option was a "home".

For Valentines Day, we threw her a party in the private visiting area, a lovely, "homey" room, made to resemble a living room. For a few moments she was very lucid, and smiled and laughed with us...it was wonderful!

A few weeks later, she took a turn for the worse and was pretty much lost, and she passed on May 15 of that year.
I still have 2 plastic hearts from her cake, and a few pictures taken that Valentines day though, and the memories of the love in her smile and eyes that day, almost like she had been when I was a child, and they always make me smile through my tears.

Sorry, that was a sad one, someone please tell a happy one now, ok?
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