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The skirt with no - name

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Here's a light hearted little IMO for all you "in style"/"vogue" readers...

I'm not sure how it happened, but by summer of this year the streets were awash with the Boho skirt, also known as the tiered skirt, also known as the gypsy skirt and ultimately labelled : the skirt with no name....

How is it that this trend above all other had SUCH a sweeping impact? Apparently it was the biggest selling fashion trend of the last ten years!!!

Any one care to comment??
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I'm just glad they are back en vogue. Those skirts are SO comfortable, and are actually flattering no matter what your figure. They look good and skinny girls and fat girls and everywhere in between.
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I think that's why they took off. Finally a trend that every one could wear and look good in.

It's not over yet!

For fall the skirt has morphed into the victorian skirt and is supposed to be worn in velvet! Rummy....

Funny thing is i never got around to getting my own skirt with no name...

It could be years before it comes back in again.
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First of all, I them! You can wear them with practically anything! I think they started the way pretty much every fad starts: a celebrity. Boho has Mary Kate and Ashley written all over it.
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I've been wearing them, for years. I either bought them in thrift stores or made my own - even made a couple for Mom.
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I dressed like this before it came into style... and while I am glad it has been easy to find clothes that I like easily.. I don't really like the fact that a lot of girls just dress this way because it's the "style" and not necessarily something they would normally like or wear.
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I've been wearing these skirts for years as well, for the reasons I said in the first post. Only they were called "broomstick skirts" because they were wrinkly materials. I can't wait to see the velvet ones for winter - I adore velvet!!!
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I bought two black velvet ones, last fall - one large and one medium. They were at a Western wear store and on the clearance rack - $7.99 each! Guess what Mom got for Christmas?

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one, with sequins on it. With Tucson's triple-digit summers, these skirts are the coolest work clothes around.
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i think i've seen that skirt now in every colour under the sun ....

i even saw a lady the other day wear one with a pair of cow boy boots and a straw hat
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Ohhhh I love them too. I have several now in all different colors. Black, white, Hot Pink, Turquiose(sp) and a Super Hot Orange. Man they are da Bomb I can wear them and be so comfy and still look decent
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Originally Posted by zazi

i even saw a lady the other day wear one with a pair of cow boy boots and a straw hat
I wore one of mine to dance class, with cowboy boots and got rave reviews. I'm the only one in class, with purple boots.
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I've never worn one..but they look pretty cool..
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Hmmm...I don't wear skirts but I'm thinking it's time to start, and these look comfy! A while ago I was walking my cat and two boys walked past. I overheard one ask the other "is that a man or a woman?" Needless to say, ruined my day! Since then I've been trying to "feminize" my somewhat tomboyish look.
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