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I think Spyder is sick again!

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I have a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon for Spyder.

He is swallowing hard since about 10:00 last night and I thought it was a hairball because he was hacking earlier like he was trying to get rid of one and a little while later I found a little one so I assumed it was from him and that he had a bit stuck in his throat.

I gave him the hairball stuff a few times. But today he is still swallowing hard and making low coughing sounds. He is still eating but only a few bites at a time, it seems like swallowing may be painful for him because he does that same hard swallow when he eats.

I would appreciate any good vibes you can send his way.

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Sending healing vibes. Please keep us updated on how Spyder is doing.
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Awwww ((((((healthy vibes))))) are coming over for Spyder now Diane
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Sending vibes Spyders way, Diane!
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Thanks Yosemite, Susan and Sam!
He was scaring me a little while ago, had a coughing spell but it's quited down now. And he did eat just a bit more than his earlier meal. I can't wait to get him to the vet tomorrow!
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Hope your cat will be okay. Keep us posted.
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I hope Spyder is feeling better!! Please keep us posted!
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Thanks Bugaboo1 and Luvmysphynx!

Just got home from the vet a little while ago. Spyder had a fever of 103 degrees and the vet says it's some kind of virus that is more in his throat than in his chest. The vet gave him antibiotic and a cough supressent which will also help his sore throat.

My brother was supposed to give me a ride to the vet but something came up and I had to walk him there in his carrier. Luckily it's only a 20 minute walk (each way) , but Spyder weighs 14 pounds...ugh! my arms will never be tha same!!

Thanks again for the good vibes everyone!!
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Poor Spyder!, I'll send him lots of get well soon vibes!
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Oh no...poor Spyder.
I am sending positive healing vibes.
Keep us updated please.

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cats have a normal temperature of like 102 i believe, so your kittie having a 103 isnt as worrisome as a human having that kind of temerpature.
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Hope your kitty feels better.
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Keep us posted on how Spyder is doing, I hope all is well.
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Get well soon, Spyder!
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sending prayers for a swift and complete recovery!
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Thanks Tracy, Lei, Slig, Rachael, Luvmysphynx, DazeeMazeeGraze, and dmcwlvssr.

Spyder certainly doesn't like his antibiotc! It's called Panmycin Aquadrops. I chose the liquid type over the pill form because it's usually easier to give them...not this time! He hates it! This stuff makes him drool excessively, so I hope he's keeping enough down to do some good. And what's worse is he has to have 3 doses a day, I'll have to figure out how to keep more in him than out!
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